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Purchase Cheap and Safe WoW Gold at Mmogah

By John Ryan2015-05-29


World of Warcraft is undergoing the latest expansion patch 6.2 in PTR. In this expansion patch Blizzard has brought wow players tons of new changes and contents day by day during this period such as new quests, achievements, the unblocked zone, etc. in an addition, flying mounts have been removed in this new patch 6.2 PTR and even in the expansion patches in the future which means that it would rise frequency to encounter their enemies in wild places. In that case players will need large amount of gold for building their characters’ gears to make sure that they can win the PVP raid.


Mmogah has established wow gold selling business for more than 8 years long. In the off-game virtual currency market which mixes good and bad gold sellers together, mmogah constantly focus on their gold price, order completion efficiency and customer services, etc.


Competitive wow gold price:

We always takes standpoints of our gold buyers’ benefit, we focus on information of wow gold price float and adjusts price timely in order to enhance our competitiveness in this market and provides a pretty fair price to our customers.


We are efficiency:

We’ll deal orders in the first time after our buyers placed their orders and finished payments. Usually a wow gold order will be completed within 15 minutes. Sometimes, few servers are temperate out of stock of gold, and we’ll notify our buyers immediately. If they can wait, we’ll try our best to finish these orders as soon as possible when gold stock is available. While if our buyers decide not to wait, we will fully refund to our customers immediately.


Our customer service is trustworthy:

l  24/7 customer support available at Mmogah

l  We have many options of contact ways for our buyers: Live Chat, Skype, E-mail box: [email protected] , etc.


Moreover, we are 100% risk-free wow gold services. We provide this promote service as we aware of that sometimes Blizzard might remove wow gold from players. This kind of case we had experienced once, so Mmogah promise that we will resend the returned gold which you have bought from us. See the conditions as below:


1.      A screenshot of an email about the gold got removed from Blizzard in your battle net account email.

2.      A screenshot of your game play with the gold removed email from Blizzard in your in-game mailbox with your character on.

After checked the whole process and proves the buyer provided, we will made a full amount compensation to our buyers to fill their losses. So we provide 100% risk-free gold services, we guarantee that our buyers will get a full amount compensation from us for this situation.

NOTICE: All gold we sell is legal. If some tricksters who Whisper to you after trading, please ignore them to avoid gold loss.  DON'T TRADE GOLD BACK TO ANYONE ELSE.



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