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Patch 6.1 DPS Practice Tests: Demonology Warlock is Grievously Weakened and Hunter Wins the Most


New Patch 6.1 has been officially released under expectation of World of Warcraft players last month. There are tons of changes within this brand new patch, and each profession has lots of changes as well. Here we bring the DPS practice tests which are considered as one of the most concerned aspects under the Patch 6.1.


DPS rankings change a lot under the Patch 6.1 compared with the ranks in last patch.

  • First of all, Obviously Demonology Warlock has been weakened grievously. It actually is the second highest DPS in last patch, but now it is in the middle and lower place in the new patch.

  • Benefit from all kinds of skill damages boosted, DPS of Hunters’ counterattack to the very top places under the Patch 6.1, especially Beastmaster Hunter (BM Hunter) and Marksmanship Hunter (MM Hunter). Besides Monk has much progress in DPS this time.

  • Death Knight and Warrior’s rankings both drop sharply, and all other professions’ remain or rise steadily.

  • In an addition, what can we say? Arcane Mage always ranks on the top even in this new patch.

DPS rankings usually orient direction of which professions that players may choose or switch to. On the other hand, some people have query on simcraft data which is too ideal and not really useful, because they think that most people never play their class perfectly. Anyway, wower still can use them as references for sure. For the specific DPS data of all types of professions, please see the practice test results in below.


Test Circumstance 1: Normal tier 17, Item level 665


Test Circumstance 2: Normal tier 17, Item level 680


Test Circumstance 3: Normal tier 17, Item level 695


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