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‘Love Is in the Air’ Event Is On in World of Warcraft

The theme of “Love is in the Air” event is now on in worldwide popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. It is full of love atmosphere around with blossom, perfume and sharing presents with “lovers” in the game. Here is a brief outline to guiding wow players to easily get the highlights in this love event.

Event Date & Time: 2nd Feb 11:00 AM – 16th Feb 11:00 AM

Celebration Places:

  • For the Horde: Orgrimmar

  • For the Alliance: Stormwind City

Event Currency: Love Token

  • Complete Quests to get Love Token

Love is in the Air’ Event Highlights:

1.         Big Love Rocket & Love Rocket

  • Obtain the Big Love Rocket for killing the NPC, Apothecary Hummel, in Shadowfang Keep

  • The Big Love Rocket is a reward inside the Heart-Shaped Box, and you’ll also get 18,290 Exp, 14 wow gold and 80 silver as well.

  • Only can get this reward for the first time each day for killing this NPC, which makes the Big Love Rocket extremely rare, so go and try your luck.

  • Apothecary Hummel also drops ilvl635 amulets, which have a special on-use effect: Love Rocket. It can create a pink heart firework.

2.      Swift Lovebird & Lovebird Hatchling

  • The location of this NPC is unknown

  • Can purchase it from Lovely Merchant

  • Find Lovely Merchant at Stormwind City for the Alliance, and for the Horde in Orgrimmar

  • Price: 270 Love Token

  •  Lovebird Hatchling price: 40 Love Token

3.         Fool For Love Achievement

  • It is a seasonal achievement and there’re totally 12 varied challenges for players

  • The reward titled ‘The Love Fool’ will be granted after finishing every ‘Love is in the Air’ achievement (except achievements of Perma-Peddle, Tough love, It Might Just Save Your Life, The Really Love Me! and Lovely Luck Is On Your Side.) which can be found in the main World Events achievement category.

  •  In the meantime, the reward ‘The Love Fool’ is a crucial requirement for completion of What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been which rewards the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake.

Additionally, there’re also many other kinds of quests and achievements from ‘Love is in the Air' event which are in progress now in World of Warcraft. And for celebrating the coming Valentine’s Day, our online wow gold selling store, Mmogah, will have a sales promotion on wow gold as well from 10th, Feb, please be expected.

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