• Legit Wow Gold Seller and Proper Trading Ways Make Your Account out of Being Banned
    By John Ryan2015-03-06 00:00:00


    As a leading role of online game, World of Warcraft, not only owns large numbers of subscribers in worldwide but also promotes virtual currency market off the game. More and more players choose to purchase gold off the game from gold sellers in order to build up their characters’ gears. In the meantime, some players also have a bit worried about the safety issue of their accounts if trading with gold sellers.


    Usually the behaviors listed in below that might cause your account suspended or banned.


    1.         Level up too fast, for instance boost up to level 80 within only 2 or 3 days

    2.         Character in low level but with large amount of gold in account

    3.         Suspect that you might be a gold farmer, because you’ve farmed in the same place for several days already

    4.         Excessive exploitation of resources. for example a player is mining all day long

    5.         Using abuse words in game might cause your account banned by GM

    6.         Your IP changes frequently that also might cause your account suspended


    There’s always a confusion to many wow players that will my account be suspended or permanently banned if I buy wow gold from gold seller off the game?


    “I really fancy a purple gear which is being sold in auction house now, but I currently don’t have enough gold hitting it. In fact I personally would like to buy some gold from gold seller, but I’m also afraid that it might risk my account at the same time.”


    “Lacking of a crucial weapon, Ashbringer Sword, makes me relative low level of DPS, so that I’m out of the list for Instance this weekend. Intend to buy some gold for the gear, but in the meantime I’m a little bit worried about that my account might be hacked if the gold selling store is not legit, or account might be banned by Blizzard after trading.”


    Based on experience from some previous wow gold buyers and our trading records, we summarize some useful tips to guide wow players who want to buy gold from gold sellers.

    Honestly it is not 100% safe to trade wow gold off the game, while choosing a legit wow gold online store and accurate trading ways would solve the confusions and problems.


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