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  • Legion Returns Expansion of World of Warcraft (2)
    By John Ryan2016-06-07 00:00:00

    In the last edition of WOW news, Mmogah shared the update contents of Legion Returns expansion of World of Warcraft in the coming AUG. 2016. The following is the rest contents.



    1. A new PVP level system will be available. Players can boost their level through PVP fight and at the same time learn PVP skills.

    2. One PVP skill will be unlocked every two levels at first and then unlocked every three levels.

    3. The layout of PVP skills is resemble to the talents system, but following a vertical unlocking sequence.

    4. According to the description “you can choose only one bonus per row”, it is predicted that players can only choose one skill from two.

    5. Players can refresh their honor levels and boost again to get awards of changing appearance.


    1. The challenge mode will cancel the limitations to players’ item level. There will no gold/silver/copper medal, no gear transmogrify.

    2. Players need a key to recharge power to open dungeons in challenge mode, which is dropped from world quests. The different levels of keys will decide the difficulty and dropped items of dungeons.

    3. Keys will upgrade if players clear the dungeon in fixed time; if not, the keys’ power will run out.

    4. The initial difficulty of challenge mode will be higher than that of 5H dungeons. Your awards will depend on the highest difficulty you choose.

    5. The new challenge mode is not the substitute of superior dungeons. For players who like small dungeons, this mode is a better choice.

    6. Random system will not be added into this mode.


    1. Once you equipped a gear, its appearance are recorded even if you sell it.

    2. You can open the Transmogrify UI to use it at any time in the future.

    3. Players can customize their transmogrified gears and share to others.

    4. You can also get the appearances of quest gears.

    5. You can set corresponding transmogrified appearances for every set of your talents and specializations.


    1. Scripts of trainer are removed, which can be got from adventures.

    2. Manufacture recipe can be upgraded to LV.1 LV.2 LV.3

    3. Big Glyphs are removed, small Glyphs are consumed for skills, one skill for one small Glyph and there will no limitation of the total number of Glyphs.

    4. There is a smelting furnace in Dalaran. Players can transform no-use items into Obliterum by using this furnace. For example, you manufacture a ring with inferior attributes, then you can smelt it into Obliterum and use it to enhance your gears.


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