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Legion Returns Expansion of World of Warcraft (1)

By John Ryan2016-06-02

In the 2015 Blizzcon, the latest 7.0 expansion Legion Returns of World of Warcraft attracted every wower’s attention all over the world. Today, mmogah summarizes this update contents into dozens of tips to share with you.


World Events

1. In the plot of last patch, the burning legion will attack the crucial points of East Realm and Kalimdor and then player will receive a quest of killing demons, which is a over 40-man battle.

2. Minion’s level of Broken Isles is the same as player’s. Players can clearly see the awards and freely choose their boosting route.

3. There will be more world events in wild, which can drive the process of the game forward such as killing boss, sneak quests, trying to get some items.

4. It seems that Illidan Stormrage will rebuild his reputation - fighting against burning legion this time.

5. Alliance and Horde will disregard previous enmity and fight for Azeroth together.

6. Flying ability can be unlocked through some quests and achievements.


Demon Hunter

1. Players can choose the original model of Demon Hunter with no horn, no tattoo.

2. When “white eye” effect is activated, enemies behind barriers or under sneak mode will be thermostimulated. Talents and specializations will influence the model of DH’s transformation.

3. DH can cast two-stage jump ability and glide with its wing.


Sacred Relics System

1. It is not difficult to get relics when patch 7.0 arrives and this is the first thing that players should do.

2. Relics of identical specialization have different models and coatings, so you don’t worry you can see the same model of yours. Those models and coatings need you to unlock.

3. The Power of Relics can unlock new skills, which can be got from quest bosses, elites, dungeons, raids instances, battle field or battle arena. If you want, you need to continually repeat this farm process whatever you are a rookie or hardcore.

4. Runes can be embedded into relics to enhance its power and level.

5. It will need you several months to complete your talents tree of relics.


Lengendary Gears

1. In the new expansion 7.0, orange gears can be dropped from all kinds of monsters! The special effects of gears depend on players’ specializations. For example, fast attribute of character can improve speed of movement; block attack can produce extra rage.

2. Orange gears can be got from many ways besides dropped.

3. Orange gears only have LV.1 attributes (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect) and special effects, don’t have LV.2 attributes (Critical, Speed).

4. All gears of this expansion can be upgraded to the best!

Class Order Halls

1. In the Class Order Halls, you can assign your servant to finish quests or enjoy ventures together.

2. Players can improve relics’ power in the Class Order Halls.

3. Every Class Order Hall has its own features. For example, warrior’s has a battle arena; rogue’s has a unlock game, etc.

4. Daily quests of the Class Order Halls’ embassador can be stacked. If you AFK for 2 days, you will see two embassadors when you are online.


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