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Information of Emerald Nightmare Raid in World of Warcraft

Story in Legion Returns continues! The Raid Emerald Nightmare is coming. Unite with your team, full of courage. The raid Emerald Nightmare is available in Normal and Heroic difficulties, from which you can get awesome rewards to strengthen your character in world of warcraft for more challenges. If you dare to take on the seven malignant foes who dwell within Emerald Nightmare, then you will deserve with the best rewards.


Schedule to unlocking Emerald Nightmare

  1. Tuesday, September 27 - Mythic difficulty for the Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens.
  2. Tuesday, October 11 - Raid Finder Wing 2 of Emerald Nightmare opens.
  3. Tuesday, October 25 - Raid Finder Wing 3 of Emerald Nightmare opens.


You should pay attention to the Mythic Keystones which you can get when you complete your first Mythic dungeon each week. The Mythic Keystone is useful and using it, you can unlock some new challenges within the Mythic dungeons and get better rewards.


Emerald Nightmare features multiple paths and portals, each taking players deeper into madness of the Emerald Nightmare. The minimum level to enter the raid is Lv.110 and it’s located in Val’sharah. There are seven bosses in this raid that are full of challenges.




Clutch of Corruption

No.7: Nythendra

Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius’ corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shaladrassil it consumed the sleeping guardian as well. Nythendra is now nothing more than a skeletal version of herself, swarming in pestilence, ready to devour anyone or anything foolish enough to enter her lair.



No.6: Elerethe Renferal

Who was once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led down a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the Nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion, and hatred.


Un’goro Crater

No.5: II’gynoth

Who is a manifestation of the horrors that lie at the heart of the Nightmare. It is a mass of corruption - a thing that should not be. It’s tendrils seep through the ground, emerging in countless horrifying eyestalks and limbs.


The Emerald Nightmare

No.4: Dragons of Nightmare

The Emerald Dream was entrusted to Ysera for safekeeping, and the mightiest of her green dragon brood were assigned to stand watch over four portals that connected directly to Azeroth. But even before the Cataclysm, these dragons began to show signs of corruption. Now, the path to the Nightmare’s core runs through the dragon’s lair.


Grizzly Hills

No.3: Ursoc

Who is one of the Wild Gods. Patron of the furbolg, and closely linked to the druidic power of shapeshifting, the ancient great bear has long been a protector of Azeroth. But as Ursoc slumbered at his shrine in the Grizzly Hills, the world around him was plunged into corruption, and he awoke to torment and Nightmare, consuming and twisting his being.



No.2: Cenarius

Who is the father of druidism in Azeroth and one of the world's oldest and most powerful protectors. His disturbing slumber within the groves of Val’sharah was the first sign of the depth of the growing threat from within the Nightmare. That dark power now has complete hold over him, and he may lie beyond hope of redemption.


Rift of Aln

No.1: Xavius

Who was once a powerful mage, and a councilor to Queen Azshara, Xavius forged a pact with Sargeras to enable the Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth. Cursed and tormented in the wake of that defeat, Xavius plots vengeance against the world from within the Rift of Aln. Those who venture into the Nightmare will face the full extent of his power, and his true form - a grotesque and distended monstrosity.


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