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If It Was Legit to Trade Spirit Beast Animals in World of Warcraft, What’s Your Ideas?

By John Ryan2015-01-23

Spirit Beasts which belong to Ferocity pet category are extremely rare in World of Warcraft. They are only tamable by Hunters starting at level 69. Obtaining features of fancy looking, rare spawn and unique ability, Spirit Beasts are very popular with Hunters, and are even famous among other professions in wow.

For getting well known of Spirit Beasts we, Mmogah, made a simple research to find out real ideas on the issue of trading Spirit Beast pets from wow players by means of Q&A.

Q1: If it was legit, would you support of trading Spirit Beasts in wow?
 Agreement & comments:
A1: “Luckily I’d tamed three Skolls and I’m coveting Ban’thalos now. If it’s allowed to sell Spirit Beasts in wow which would be a perfect way to earn myself extra
wow gold and get a Ban’thalos immediately.”
A2: “I support the point of trading which will avoid intentional killing of Spirit Beasts by some mean persons and other professions.”

Disagreement & comments:
A1: "How much more competition is there going to be for the pets? The only incentive to camp them is for personal need now. Camping amount would dramatically increase if trading was legit in wow, therefore inflation of these rare pets will occur for supply is constant but demand is going to increase."
A2: “At first I thought, ‘Hey, neat idea’. Then I began to consider the ugliness that would result in spawn areas between rare farmers.”
A3: "In that case gold farmers will focus on these rare pets hunting as a way to make more wow gold."
A4: "It is a shame that the game might become abuse from fun if trading Spirit Beasts is allowed."


Q2: What’s your favourite Spirit Beast pets?
A1: “Loque’nahak which spent me 6 months to camp.”
A2: “My favourite one is Loque’nahak and I even dreamed it yesterday, but haven’t got it yet.”
A3: “Arcturis & Loque’nahak and luckily got them both.”
A4: "Ban’thalos, looks cool and with gorgeous wings."
A5: “Couldn’t be happier to get my Loque’ nahak. Love its skin by the way.”
A6: Ghostcrawler is roaring and quick.
A7: “My fancy Spirit Beast is Skoll definitely and Ban’thalos & Karoma are nice too.”
A8: “Arcturis. Love bear and he is not tenacity.”
There are many Spirit Beast animals to choose for Hunters from World of Warcraft. Which one do you fancy for? I think you’ve got answers already in your mind. Luck & patient are essential for camping them, so good luck to all of you gentleman & lady hunters!

If you have any ideas on this topic, please share and leave your personal comments via below social medias.





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