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How WoW Legion Is Improved from Warlords of Draenor

It has been almost a year without a “real” patch update after WoD released, which makes millions of world of warcraft veterans leave the game. However, with Blizzard official announcing WoW 7.0 Legion and the hot hit of WoW Film, these veterans show that they will resubscribe this game in late August.


World of Warcraft Legion is “dungeon-centered”, including normal dungeons and raids, which captures players’ most attentions. With the level cap increases to 110, you will have a free chance to boost your character to Lv.100 directly. The new Demon Hunter Hero Class is also the hot topic among Wowers.


Are you logging in the game only to collect wow gold from your garrison as of right now? World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 in August 30, 2016 will take you into a challenging new realm.


Better Balance of PvP Abilities

Blizzard has been working for better balance of both PvP and PvE abilities among different classes in world of warcraft. On one hand can make sure the ability plays a role in dungeons and raids, on the other hand can guarantee the ability won’t bring unfair advantages over other classes’ in battleground and arenas. You needn’t worry about this in upcoming Legion, because there will be a separate PvP talent system in Legion. You can earn Honor ranks to unlock unique abilities that can only be available in battleground and arenas. You should consider how to choose PvP talents and how to use them well, rather than only focus on grinding Honor Points and Conquest Gear. It will keep much better balance among different classes in this way. It’s your time to fight for fame, glory and a range of new PvP powers as you face the opposing faction in Arenas and Battlegrouds.


Special Weapons Artifacts

Each class will have unique special weapon: Artifact, which is only suitable to your own class. Artifacts are mostly based on weapons from Warcraft lore. You can customize your own artifacts so that they won’t look the same as others’. Certainly, it will take a long time before you make your artifacts uniquely different. Earn artifact power to unlock abilities and traits, and customize your own weapon to suit your needs: trees for further spell/ability customization, appearance customization, form customization and so on.

World of Warcraft’s class-specific content has always been uneven. Some classes have lengthy questlines to get mounts, legendary weapons are well-suited to a handful of classes but not others and so on. In Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, Blizz used legendary rings and cloaks which each class could use to balance this, however, the cloaks and rings blurred the differences between characters rather than make each feel unique. In patch 7.0 Legion, it will not happen again.


Enter in the Emerald Dream

Players can finally enter this emerald dream world through a new raid dungeon called Emerald Nightmare, which is inhabited by animals and green dragons since world of warcraft launched. Emerald Nightmare is a 7-bosses raid, it culminates in a fight against Xavius, an important villain in the series’ lore. It sounds like a great setting for a raid.


Class Orders Halls

In WoD, it is great to build a garrison, but it also has definite drawbacks. I think garrison isolates players from each other so you won’t stay in a city together with your faction. In legion, the class orders have been changed. Every member of a class can share the themed base. No matter you are Paladin or Warlock, unite fellow NPC members of your class’s order to carry out missions at your command. The garrison follower system has been improved in Legion. You can recruit a smaller group of followers called Champions. Champions are basically Legion’s Order Hall version of followers. The Champions are more customizable and often are characters from established lore. You can both send them out on missions and make them help you on your own quests.


All in all, the upcoming Legion will not let you down. Get ready for the new version so that you can achieve your glory as a hero on Broken Isles. At the same time, as a trustworthy wow gold selling website with compensation guarantee for removed gold and a 100% handwork wow power leveling website, Mmogah will meet all your gaming needs and provide the most exceptional customer services to you.



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