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How to Raid Followers Missions in World of Warcraft

We have discussed the Shipyard and Naval Missions and Blackrock Foundry missions in WOW Patch 6.2 PTR before. So what have you got from your missions? Now let’s talk about how to raid followers mission from the Highmaul Raid Follower mission.

Highmaul Raid Follower Mission

Many people’s ultimate goal will be to complete the Highmaul missions from Warlords of Draenor Garrison that award raid gear. Some more detailed guide of ways can help you plan your follower team towards this goal.

How to send your followers on raid missions

Your first raid mission will get when you have 3 followers at 645 or higher item level.

The mission should stick around for at least a couple days if you want to spend some time on other followers. After completing a raid mission, the next one will unlock 2 weeks later. Any piece of loot from the raid appropriate to your loot specialization can drop, with the exception of weapons. Just like normal drops, these can be warforged, socketed, or have tertiary stats.


The quality of loot is based on your current progression in the raid itself:

l Normal caches (ilvl 655 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 0-14 bosses in normal mode.

l Heroic caches (ilvl 670 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in normal mode.

l Mythic caches (ilvl 685 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in heroic mode.

l Mythic caches plus a bonus of 1000 gold are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in mythic mode.

Let me use hunters as an example:

MM - Got crit Drop it for an item 10 ilvls lower and get crit.

SV - Got multistrike Play a different spec, since you aren't going to do anything without it.


Getting a raid of follower and get your bonus


Raid missions have 6 abilities which are countered from 3 followers, excellent followers will be required to get 100% success chance. When you get a Highmaul mission, it will be one of 4 random missions with a different set of required counters. It can be difficult to perfectly counter every mission, but it's definitely possible.


If you can't counter all 6 abilities, you can still get 100% with 5/6 counters and a couple of other bonuses. Here are a few other ways to increase success chance:

l Ogreslayer, Gronnslayer, Marshwalker, or Plainsrunner (each of the 4 missions has one of these)

l Racial traits (such as Ally of Argus, Child of Draenor)

l High Stamina (Burst of Power combined with Epic Mount)

l Blook with his Combat Experience trait. This trait is unique to Blook.

l Increasing follower item levels up to the current cap of 655.


Many other classes are exactly the same way. Secondary stats are now significantly more important than even main stats ever since they removed the secondary bonuses from them. And ilvl only shows how much total stats.


A player said:"I typically only get 1-2 missions per day that have anything I want. I already had war-forged heroic dungeon gear (636) when it was offering me 615 gear, and now I have a lot of epic gear when it's just started offering me 630 stuff. It seems like the missions are lagging behind my raid progression."


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