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How to Make WoW Gold Fast Without Getting Banned

It is not a new topic for making gold in World of Warcraft, which is an old MMO released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. However, the importance of WoW Gold has not diminished because Wowers are always in need of gold on their challenging boosting way, upgrading weapon, gear, armors and accessories. Then How to Make WoW Gold Fast? Here I share some good ways with players for reference, at the same time, if anything is out of the way, please let me know in time.


Doing quests for rewards

Players can make wow gold from quests, which will give wow gold as reward when completed. Players can also get different quest item rewards and sell them to vendors for more gold. Even though this is the basic way, players cannot ignore it. It needs much patience for this method and when players reach Lv.80, they can gain 10-20 gold for a quest. Quests for Daily’s can gain quicker and much more wow gold than regular quests, so target them!


Making gold through professions

Different professions have different gold making strategies. I think this is the best way because it’s solid and easy. For example:

  • Inscription profession can make Card of Omens which can be sold for 10G/per card and a character can make 20 cards for a day. Laughing Tarot, Savage Tarot, Ocean Tarot can be sold 500G for one and Darkmoon Card of Dreanor can be sold between 100~500G.

  • Tailoring profession can make Hexweave Bag which can be sold for 2,000G each.

  • For Engineering profession, the Sky Golem is a good choice for making gold and each can be sold for over 15,000 gold. Findle’s Loot-A-Rang is worth 250G each.

  • Alchemy is one of the best ways to make gold because potions and flasks are always in need for dungeons and raids. Alchemical Catalyst sells for 4 gold each and if you are not using them, it’s a good money maker. Vial of the Sands is a popular mount which is obtained with archaeology and then sold for 40,000 each.

  • Mining is a good way for gold because of the Garrison Mine. Players can make money by heading out to all the lower Lv zones and farming ores, which can sell from 1-5G each.

  • Cooking is also a great money maker because Pvpers and raiders all need food for buffs. Most food can sell for 1-5G each.

  • Making gold through fishing is also nice and most fish can be sold for 1-3G each.

All in all, making world of Warcraft gold through professions is a long-term work which needs players’ patience.


Raiding Dungeons

If players need certain amount of gold and have enough time, then raiding dungeons is a great way.

But there may be a risk that players cannot sell the items and they just sit around in bags. Dungeons are fairly easy to run and can be soloed up to MoP. Cata raids net the most gold because it’s the nearest soloable dungeon in World of Draenor. If players can run any raid possible from LK to MoP, they can get 500-2,000. Remember to equip with decent gear for better solo ability.


Making gold through Tokens

It has become one of the best ways to make wow gold since the Token was introduced in World of Draenor. Players can buy Tokens from in-game store with dollars and sell them for gold in Auction House. Certainly players should focus on the profit. A WoW Token can be sold for around 40,000-45,000 gold (there may be fluctuations).


Repeating soloing 25-man Cataclysm Raids

This is also great for farming more wow gold. Spend some time in repeating Cataclysm Raids with different characters each week.


Selling Savage Blood

Selling Savage Blood in Auction House can make more wow gold. Players always buy them in large quantities and it is easy to collect them.


WoD Epics

Crafting Warlords of Draenor epics constantly.


Gems and Flasks

They are always sell well on the Auction House.


Taking well use of Auction House is quite important for players, focusing on items prices for larger profit margin. The information above is only for players’ reference and for more World of Warcraft News, please focus on MmoGah, which is a trustworthy gaming website for latest news, at the same time, if players need safe wow gold (Compensate Statement for Removed WoW Gold) or wow power leveling, please contact the 24-hour Live Chat! The Affiliate Program is hot at MmoGah.com now, especially for World of Warcraft, from which sponsors can get 10% commission, so grasp the chance to earn good money now!


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