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How to Make More WoW Gold with Garrison in World of Warcraft

John Ryan Date: March 31st, 2015 Views: 9125 wow gold garrison treasure hunter wow world of warcraft


How to efficiently make wow gold with Garrison in game of World of Warcraft? The follower's new trait Treasure Hunter to Garrison in the Patch 6.1 is undoubtedly a very good option. It can maxi base wow gold obtaining from successfully completing missions.

How does the Garrison trait of Treasure Hunter work to boost base gold incoming?

Treasure Hunter trait can increase the percentage of gold owning from missions. For example, if a Garrison mission's basic reward is 1,000 gold and you or your team have 2 Treasure Hunters in total on a mission, then you or your team will have 3,000 gold for reward after completion of the mission. Moreover, "If you have a 100% chance to complete a mission and still have a spare follower slot, you can slot in a Treasure Hunter follower who doesn’t meet the requirements for the mission – they will still contribute their gold bonus."


Besides the follower of Harrison Jones, a reward from the achievement called Don't Call Me, What are the other ways to get the trait of Treasure Hunter?

l  Buy a Follower of Trait Retraining Guide from Sergeant Crowler (Alliance) or Sergeant Grimjaw(Horde) at your Garrison (1000 Garrison Resource for each). You may possibly have the Treasure Hunter, but it is not 100 percent because it is randomly reroll all the traits on your selected follower.

l  Complete the missions of The Ring of Trials and Path of the Titans will get a reward of Follower Retraining Certificate which also might have chance to get you the Treasure Hunter.

l  You can get the trait of Treasure Hunter by recruiting followers from the Inn at your Garrison.

l  You may get followers 'in the wild' (such as from questing) with the trait of Treasure Hunter after the Patch 6.1.


Missions which offer the most wow gold with Treasure Hunter trait?

l  Mythic mission of Blackrock Foundry

l  Blingtron's Secret Vault

l  Mythic mission of Highmaul

l  A Way Out

l  Fired Up

l  The Golden Halls of Skyreach


Accordingly above missions offer the most gold with Treasure Hunter. Assume that there are 3 Treasure Hunters on each mission, let's see which mission offers the most gold through the chart in below.

gold reward chart2 of wow


Anyway, well using of the Garrison's new trait of Treasure Hunter will efficiently make you more gold If you are those players whose fun is from wow gold making in this game. Additionally you guys also can view our previous article "Guide of Patch 6.1 Garrison’s New Change in Follower in World of Warcraft: Harrison Jones" for more specific details of the trait of Treasure Hunter, and a video from youtube teaches players how to quickly make more gold. In all, hope all the information helps.


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