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  • How to Get the Secret Toy Enlightened Hearthstone in WoW Dragonflight
    By Penny2024-02-07 16:56:12

    The Enlightened Hearthstone is a secret toy that has been hiding in WoW since Shadowlands. Now, thanks to the secret finding community on Discord, we finally got the idea of how to get this toy in Dragonflight. If you are interested, please keep reading. If you need to buy some World of Warcraft gold to boost your in-game experience, consider MmoGah, your solid and trusted source of in-game gold.




    First, come to Zereth Mortis. Then, you need to collect the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation, a rare and valuable item that is required to unlock the toy. The Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation is a small orb that allows you to ponder the mysteries of the universe and access hidden portals. The item can be obtained by looting the Enlightened Broker Supplies.


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    Then, you need to solve the group puzzle in Zereth Mortis. To solve the group puzzle, you will need the assistance of five other players who also have the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation. You and your group members must stand on top of the hexagon pillars surrounding the center pool in Zereth Mortis and use the toy Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation at the same time. One important thing to note is that you will need to be sitting when you use the toy because otherwise, it won’t work.




    Once that happens, check your chat for the "The Ponderer's Portal Has Opened" message. Go to the southernmost platform and loot the portal to receive the Enlightened Hearthstone.


    Congratulations! You have successfully obtained the secret toy Enlightened Hearthstone. You can now use the toy to set your hearthstone location to any innkeeper in the game, as well as change the appearance and animation of your hearthstone cast. The toy has a cooldown of 30 minutes and a duration of 5 minutes. You can also share the toy with your other characters on the same account.


    The Enlightened Hearthstone is a unique and elusive toy. It is a way of showing your curiosity and wisdom in the game. By following the steps above, you can finally get it. Good luck, and have fun!