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How to Get Artifact Points in Legion

Dean Winchester September 06th, 2016 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

In general, artifact points will be your main theme in Legion. Since you get your first artifact, you should try to get the points to strengthen your weapon all the time. The artifact points will present as item, you can add it to your current specs artifact.

In the first stage of LEG, the main way to get artifact points is doing quests.

You can get 100-200 points after finishing every main quest. There are 4 maps for leveling up, you should finish all quests in these maps to reach LV.110. By this way, you can totally get 1000-2000 points by doing quests, which is very precious.

After you reach the level cap, the Suramar questline also has many points award including pre-quest and sub-quest. Every time you finish the fallen angel quest, another questline will be triggered, which gives you 100-200 points and LV.810-820 gears.

The quest of class order hall can award you the most points. You can receive this kind of quest when leveling up. Different class differs in awards, but 300 points and thousands of order hall material is normal. This questline must be done by every player, at the same time your assist will help you.

Some world quests can also award you artifact points. Specific number differs in the difficulty of quest, about 20-80+.

The second way to get points is by killing monsters.

Now the wild monsters in LEG will drop following artifact points item: +10, +25, +75, +250. The dropped chance becomes lower successively. +10 is very normal. +250 is rare, almost 1 item per week.

In terms of dungeon, the first random 5H dungeon every day will give you 50 points.

The wild chests in LEG has many points, at most 50+ points at some chance. Part of these chests refresh randomly, which don’t locate in fixed location as WOD. If you like this way to get points, you should raise your reputation to Respectful level. So you can buy chest map to see every chest’s location.

As a whole, there are many ways to get points in LEG. No matter finish quests or do dungeons, the points you get is directly proportional with your time in playing games. Reference: an average of 150pts/hr.

Knowledge level

The knowledge level is the only factor to influence the speed of getting artifact points. But in the early stage, this influence is very little. For example, even you reach LV.110 in the first day and you submit your first knowledge level order, you need 1 week to reach the LV.1 knowledge level.

But you should manage your CD to submit order, this influences a lot in late stage. If you learn 2 skill tree, you should pay more attention to it, because this can speed up the process of getting your 2nd artifact.

Knowledge level and needed points

Every artifact trait consumes part of points, and at the same time improve your weapon’s endurance and damage.

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