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How to Get and Use Class Order Hall Resource

How to get class order resource?

Class order campaign: You should guarantee you have enough resource before starting class order campaign. If not, your quests can not go forward. Of course, you can’t get the resource steadily in long term, but you will get some in the last part of campaign.

Chest: Chests in Broken Isles is not a good way to get resource. Some chests are hidden in the wild of Legion, there are different number of resources according to chest’s type, so open your eyes! You can buy chest map after getting reputation in regional camp. The location will show on the screen map as 2. You can buy chest map from camp quartermaster.

Rare event: You can join some rare events around the Broken Isles, which is marked as 1 on the screen map. You need to kill rare monsters in most of the events, class order resource will drop at some chance. It is advised to do these battles because of the resource and other awards. Notes: you can’t beat those monsters by yourself, you need some help from other players.

Awards events: You may be involved in some random event in your quest region. Those events will award you many resources. In most cases, you can do quests and at the same time finish awards events.

World quests: You can get the most resources in world quests. After LV.110, you can see many quests on the Broken Isles map, which differs from collecting herbs to killing minions. Those quests are time-limited. The new one will show up after the last one disappeared.

Emissary chest: You can receive the quests representing a camp or region once a day. After finishing world quests, you can go to emissary to deliver a chest, which contains lots of resources, but this chest may contain other things.

Assistant: You can send you assistant to do quests at Broken Isles. You can get resource when your assistant use the given gears or you study the technology of class order.


How to use class order resource?

Artifact study: Artifact study note - 500 resources. Every note will add 1 artifact wisdom. Every point of wisdom will improve artifact points.

Technology tree of class order: Every class order hall has its own special technology tree. The tree has 6 tiers, you should choose 1 from 2 in the first 5 tiers. It is advised to enhance your class order hall, such as improving your success rates of quests.

Improve class suit: Every class has 8 sets of suit. You should finish different quests of legion to collect them, such as killing dungeon boss or getting reputation points. These suits can be improved from 810 to 840 by using class order resource.

Quests of class order hall: You need to use resource to begin a quest like WOD version.

Warrior gears: Except druid, monk and shaman, other classes can unlock a special order of technology tree. This order need 50 resource and 12 hours to be finished, which will give you 3 types of gears: +5, +10, +15.


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