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How to Fix World of Warcraft Legion App Not Connecting After Patch 7.2

Is your World of Warcraft Legion Companion App not working since patch 7.2? Here MmoGah will give you the following steps to get it going again.


More often than not, whenever there is an update or patch to a game, something always gets messed around a bit. Even the folks at Blizzard sometimes have problems after patching their games.


This happened recently when World of Warcraft: Legion got patch 7.2. Soon after the patch was downloaded, players started flooding to the forums to say that the WoW: Legion companion app on their mobile devices wouldn't connect.


So, in case this happened to you, here is a simple and brief guide to get you going again. Luckily, the solution to this issue is pretty simple. So in just a few minutes your companion app should be up and running. 


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How to Fix Connection Issues With the WoW Legion App (Patch 7.2)


All it takes to solve the problem is removing and reinstalling the app:

a. Delete the app from your phone

b. Reinstall the app from your app store

c. Reset the password to your account and log back in

Yep! It is as simple as that! 


Before you get back into the app, though, you will need to make sure that you have the app set to the right region. When reinstalled, the app will automatically reset to US region. So if you are in Europe, for example, and you don't change the region, the character selection list will show up blank.

 The Broken Isles are in the palm of your hand


The Companion app was introduced in September 2016. It allows players to take care of certain in-game activities when they are away from their screens. The main purpose of the app is to:


a. Explore World Quests and World Events such as invasions and Broken Isle camp upgrades on the World Map

b. Manage followers, activating and deactivating them to make sure they are all leveled

c. Train exhausted recruits and find artifact research notes

d. Start and complete class hall missions and change your combat ally

e. Research Order Hall upgrades.


The Legion Companion App is available in iTunes and the Android Store.


Checking in on missions


Hope this guide is of help to you! It's a straightforward fix - but if you don't know, then you don't know! If you want some extra help about WoW, you can check out the rest of our World of Warcraft guides. MmoGah has been committed to pursuing the best customer services and it has good reputation in the whole gaming market. Whenever you have requirement in wow gold or WoW Power Leveling, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 online Live Chat.

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