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How to Farm Old World of Warcraft Mounts Fast

John Ryan November 04th, 2015 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

As a wower, I believe you are interested in using the same wow account every week to farm rare mounts in World of Warcraft! So you must be curious about how to farm World of Warcraft mounts fast. While this is somewhat a guide, I place it here since it clearly.



Exact steps are as follows which you can do step by step. It really gets much faster once you realize how to do it!

Step 1 Farm to boss you want to farm on one character (You should only farm on normal difficulty, as you will switch to heroic later).

Step 2 Log out of that saved character you just farmed with.

Step 3 Log onto character you want to share lockout with.

Step 4 Create

Step 5 Choose

Step 6 Log out and back onto the

Step 7 Look for the custom premade you created (should show as blue) and sign up.

Step 8 accept invite

Step 9 Log out of saved character and back onto farm character (the same toon that created the LFG group).

Step 10 Not 100% necessary, but uncheck (you should see your saved character offline in your group).

Step 11 Before zoning in, make sure your raid size is set correctly for what you want to farm (10 or 25) and difficulty is Normal.

Step 12 Zone in and accept the lockout (Only after you zone in and accept lockout, then adjust difficulty to heroic, like on LK).

Step 13 Kill Boss!

Step 14 Repeat Steps 3 to 13 for other characters.


NOTE: You DO NOT need to disband the party as your offline toon will not get saved. Also disbanding will give you the 60 sec countdown.

This method doesn't really apply for Onyxia since you can log on all of your toons and just fly there and zone in and kill her. The point of this is to save your instance progress without having to use a 2nd account. It doesn't give you unlimited kills a week per toon. You still only get 1 kill per toon per week. This just makes it possible for you, without anyone else's help, can run your entire alt-army through that same saved boss and do this every single week, indefinitely, without having to re-clear an instance up to that boss.


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