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How to Do World Quests in Legion Returns

There will be new challenges waiting for you in World of Warcraft Legion Returns! When players reach level 110, they can access the new system of World Quests. The new World Quest System will change players’ daily/weekly playing progress a lot too. Players can take part in Broken Islands’ wars from various fronts and to be an important part of the game.




To begin with, the world quests can be accessed only after players reach Lv.110. Players have to prove that they have reached Friendly Reputation with the five primary factions in Broken Islands. So that players can get whistles from Flight Master and can see the World Quests on the map. It is important to find all of the Flight Masters of a map because using a whistle, players can transfer superfast to the nearest Flight Master within a second. Want to save time? Then remember this and find out the Flight Masters.


The World Quests take place in these main zones: Azsuna, Highmountain, Stormheim, Suramar, and Val’sharah. For the same server, the world quests are the same every day, so if you are in need of someone’s help, do not forget to LFT (Look for Team).


For different world quests, the duration time differs. For those more difficult ones, the duration time will be longer too, at the same time, this kind of quests will reward players with better items. Completing the world quests cannot cause more world quests to spawn immediately, so players can make their own minds to do the quests and take most use of the time.


The world quests on a map may be different types:

  • Solo adventures
  • Tough challenges that need cooperation
  • Profession-related quests
  • World Boss battle that needs many players
  • Dungeon Quests with a team
  • Pet battles
  • PvP


Players can gain many rewards from completing the World Quests, such as Gold, Artifact Power, Blood of Sargeras, PvE/PvP gear, Profession reagents, Pet Charms, Reputation with a specific faction and so on.


There are hundreds of world quests waiting for players in Broken Islands, so there won’t be many repeatable quests often. Players can focus eyes on the Emissary Quests which can reward valuable satchel. Players can access a new Emissary Quest-line every day and can have up to three Emissaries at the same time.


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