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How to Buy World of Warcraft Gold Smoothly at MmoGah

When players need world of warcraft gold to upgrade gear, to buy items or for game updates, they may hesitate in which website to choose and how to purchase, especially newbie customers without much experience. As a trustworthy wow gold & wow power leveling website, MmoGah.com has tons of reviews from real players, of course, it is worth your trust. If you decide to choose MmoGah to meet your need of wow virtual currency, then please follow this instruction before you buy, so that your order can be smooth and you will not miss any opportunity for order off.


  1. How to Place Order

When you come to MmoGah website, you have quite many different ways to place your order, which mainly include 6 kinds of methods: Quick Shop, Top Navigation, Left Navigation, Center Image Navigation, Bottom Navigation and Sitemap.


The NA Servers and EU Servers for WoW Gold are divided into two pages, so you should choose the right page of your particular server. Due the reason that there are so many servers in World of Warcraft, we set the same prices for all NA servers and so it is for EU servers. So when you compare our prices with other websites, you only need to choose NA or EU, regardless of which certain server it is.


Find out your server name (according to the First Character or input name in the Searching Box above) and click it, after that you can choose your order amount and see Large Order Discount. Just add what you need to the Shopping Cart and check it out.


  1. Complete Your Payment

When you check out for your order, you should input your right information which is required, such as Your Name, Your Phone, Your Email, Your Character Name and choose the Delivery Method you expect (the Auction House trading method is strongly recommended). Delivery through AH is the safest and once your wow gold was recalled by Blizz within 24 hours after we have sent it to you, we bear up to 50% of your loss(For issues of Compensation, please read this Notice carefully). Apart from inputting the above information, you can also leave your messages in the Message Block and select your payment method that we list. The total payment process is simple at Mmogah.com, which you can complete smoothly without any troubles.


  1. Verified Your Order

Please contact our Live Chat after you have placed your order. One of our customer reps will help you for your order, trading until you receive the gold successfully. If your gold is traded through Auction House, you should note that the total gold amount you set for item(s) in AH must be the same as the gold amount of your order. You will get 5% less of the gold due to AH trading fee. You should leave the item(s) name(s) and amount in the message box or tell your representative via Live Chat. After your representative completes the verification for your order, he/she will arrange trading with you. All you have to do is following the representative’s instructions.


  1. Leave Your Reviews if You Like

There are lots of reviews of MmoGah website and when your order is completed, you can share your reviews of Mmogah with other players, which will help them to know more about our website. You can leave your reviews on OwnedCore, TrustPilot, Buycheapwowgold and so on. You can also get a coupon code for next time by doing this which represents our thanks.


All in all, Mmogah.com is a good choice and good place for wow gold, and for wow power leveling, because there are absolutely no spams, cheats at our website. All of the workers at Mmogah.com are working on to improve the services to be the best, and our representatives are helpful and friendly. All the time we have been providing the latest World of Warcraft information and news, which is expected to help players. Please do not hesitate to visit Mmogah and we are here waiting for you!

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