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How to Build a Small Garrison Lab in World of Warcraft

Many people like to play Garrison Lab. But do not know how to build a garrison lab. So I hope this article can give you some advice. This guide summarizes the small Garrison Lab in Warlords of Draenor. If you’re not sure what lab you want to put on a Small Plot, this provides an overview of the options. For example, A Alchemy Lab.


Guide to Small Garrison Alchemy Lab

First, what is it good for?

Raiding, it generates reagents so you can craft potions and flasks faster with a profession. If you don't have the profession, you can craft some lesser flasks and potions directly from the building. Of course, WOW Gold is more convenient for you I think.


What does it do?

Level 1 Alchemy Lab: Allows the production of Alchemy items and 7 total work orders.

Level 2 Alchemy Lab: Allows followers with the Alchemy trait to work here, granting a unique bonus (stack of potions every day).

Level 3 Alchemy Lab: 21 total work orders.



If you assign a follower with the Alchemy trait to your Level 2 Alchemy Lab, they will give you an Alchemy Experiment which rewards Alchemy Experiment. This has a chance to contain 5 of any Draenor potion.

A level 90 follower with Alchemy has a 50% chance to double your Work Order. This chance increases as the follower levels, to 100% at level 100.


You can get a follower with Alchemy by specifying that trait at the Inn or randomly getting it when a follower's quality upgrades.


Two followers are guaranteed to have this trait:

Bruma Swiftstone is acquired from Killing the Corrupted.

Mulverick is acquired from Mulverick's Offer of Service



The Level 3 Alchemy Lab unlocks profession missions in 6.2. These reward Rush Order: Alchemy Lab which instantly completes 5 Alchemy Work Orders. Followers with Alchemy have increased success on these missions including Rare Flower and Herb Infused.



If you select the Alchemy Lab while having Alchemy, Albert de Hyde or Mary Kearie will sell you Draenor Alchemy recipes. These can also be purchased at your Ashran faction hub.


Secrets of Draenor Alchemy: This spell is a daily cooldown that takes 5 Frostweed. It creates currency needed to purchase many recipes:


  • WOW Gold: you can get potions.

  • Secret of Draenor Alchemy: Flasks, Recipe, Transmorphic Tincture.

  • Secret of Draenor Alchemy: Greater Flasks.


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