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How Do You Like Shipyard of New Garrison Features in WOW Patch 6.2?

New Garrison Features in WOW patch 6.2: Shipyard and Naval Missions.

Characters with a level 3 garrison can now construct a Shipyard. To begin the path to construct a Shipyard, report to your Garrison and accept the “War Council” quest. You can build ships in your Shipyard and dispatch them on new Naval Missions.

Shipyards are where ships are made and sold. A shipyard community has the skills and materials to build sailing vessels. The community is situated on a river, lake or sea. The community can build and maintain a fleet of sailing vessels, or it can take on repair work for other communities as a means of gaining additional wow gold. Partially completed sailing ships can be seen near the water; as well as large stocks of timber planking, equipment for heating and bending timber. Shipyards are manned by dedicated sailors and shipwrights who strive tirelessly to keep the fleet running smoothly and efficiently.  


Alliance Shipyards are primarily responsible for the construction of the various warships in the Alliance’s naval forces. Elevated on strong pillars of Ironwood, these waterfront structures are also responsible for receiving and processing the oil necessary to construct these ships of war.  

Some players hope that blizzard makes this new plot interactive rather than just a mission or two as they get to so as to make more wow gold, perhaps board the ship and fight off waves of iron. Maybe a couple scenarios as they build the plot would be nice. The shipyards are a bit fairer when it comes to design. I still feel the alliance one is better, but it's comparable.

Someone expects the horde version to be a big spike sticking out of a mound of dirt to which the ships will be tied. But the actual garrisons? The alliance one is very nice. And this is from someone who has characters on both factions. The one said:” I have tons on both, and I prefer my horde one greatly. Much easier to get to things when I can walk through buildings and generally in a straight line easier. Maybe in a few small cases, and those that do have it only shed a small time amount of time between buildings. The extremely minute difference is no justification for the significantly greater amount of effort put into the ally one.”

Of course the alliance one is nicer. I am so close to faction changing my Panda because of this. The forsaken architecture is also really beautiful I think. With the garrisons, I was really hoping for the option of race specific styles.

Now I have a reason to build a mage tower, to have it linked to the shipyard. I'm not walking there. In the 6.2 patch everyone was joking me for questioning how to have a shipyard and they said "you landed there on a ship" but it was far away. I can see the horde complaining about this, but they literally just have to walk down the snowy hill by the back entrance and get to the area where the shipwreck currently is. Take the only exit out of the garrison, go through the night elf outpost and run through the demon infested forest to the shipyard.

Alliance for looks, Horde for ease of travel. I'd probably be more inclined to garrison improvements if Blizzard didn't already say that we won't be using them in the next expansion, but as it is right now it seems like we're actually losing content over these garrison updates. How do you think of it?

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