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Hot WoW Issues Interpreting -Hellfire Citadel Item Levels, Mystic Runesaber & High-Resolution Icons

John Ryan Date: 2015-05-15 Views: 6605 wow goldmystic runesaberwow tokenwow world of warcraft

As more and more contents and changes of Patch 6.2 released, players of World of Warcraft feel excited while having some queries at the same time of some new stuffs. Here we would like to focus on the three hot issues of Hellfire Citadel Item Levels, Mystic Runesaber and High-Resolution Icons and give a basic and helpful interpreting in this assay, here we go.


Hellfire Citadel Item Levels

About the Hellfire Citadel loot, there are actually different item levels of it. In this new patch some changes have been made that players may miss or feel confuse with them, so here we summarize the changes below:

  • NPC of Xhu’horac, Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zekuun and Manoroth drop loots of ilvl 700 Normal, ilvl 715 Heroic and ilvl 730 Mythic loot. Players can find Xhu’horac at The Felborne Breach; Tyrant Velhari at Halls of the Sargerei; Fel Lord Zekuun at Grommash’s Torment; and Manoroth at Destructor’s Rise.

  • Hellfire Assault, Kormrok, Hellfie High Council and Iron Reaver drop loots of ilvl 690 Normal, ilvl 705 Heroic, ilvl 720 Mythic. Players can find these NPC at the places of The Iron Bulwark, Pits of Mannoroth, Court of Blood, and The Iron Bulwark.

  • Gorefiend, Kilrogg Deadeye, Socrethar and Shadow-Lord Iskar drop loots of ilvl 695 Normal, ilvl 710 Heroic, and ilvl 725 Mythic loot. The four NPC are at the places of Hellfire Antechamber, Court of Blood, Halls of the Sargerei and Grommash’s Torment.

  • NPC of Archimonde drops ilvl 705 Normal, ilvl 720 Heroic, and ilvl 735 Mythic loot. His location is at The Black Gate.

  • There are no differences of loots of ilvl 695 Normal, ilvl 710 Heroic, and ilvl 725 Mythic of Tier 18 set items.

  • LFR loot is not in the PTR dungeon journal now, so the item levels of them are temporally unknown. 


Mystic Runesaber

Mystic Runesaber mounts is currently on sale. It will cost EU players 20 EUR, and $25 for players who are at US realm. Let us add that according to the average exchange price of wow token and wow gold at US realm now is about $25 for amount of 28,372 gold, while at Mmogah buyers can spend the same amount of money $25 for more than 56,000 legit gold. Visit our wow gold online shop for more details. However Blizzard also released a video of this new mount, please watch it below.

wow token price

Hig-Resoltution Icons


As we known that World of Warcraft has cooperated with Twitter very well such as selfie photos of WOW characters retweet function. Now Blizzard released a bunch of high-resolution icons to their Twitter feed. They are Draenic Dust, Luminous Shard, Temporal Crystal, Grilled Saberfish, Sturgeon Stew, Steamed Scorpion, Gronn Bone Seal, Alurml’s Ring and Six-Eyed Band. Here we post these icons below.

 wow twitter icons

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