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Guide to WoW Legion Item Drops

Remember that the moment when you would be killing mobs in World of Warcraft by the thousands and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a World Drop would appear. These items usually helped to outfit your current character. The potential for World Drops made the grind of killing mobs more exciting and they are making a turning back in Legion.


Like World Drops of the past, these items will be rare, but will be obtainable from anywhere. Unique to Legion will be the idea that the World Drops power should remain relevant throughout the expansion. Also, each World Drop will have its own set of unique effects. Of course you can get it according to buying wow gold at Mmogah. Nowadays, Mmogah celebrate the Christmas Holiday. There is a coupon code which you can use it directly in your order. The coupon code is Christmas. If you want to get the larger coupon code, please see our top coupon.


For example:

Equip: Increased movement speed by a portion of your total haste.

Equip: Blocked attacks generate 5 rage.

Equip: Damaging abilities have a chance to instantly kill enemies at low health.

However, perhaps the most exciting new feature of World Drops are that they have been upgraded from their Epic state. All World Drops in Legion will be Legendary. This makes them stand out and become more exciting than ever before to obtain. Talk about adding some serious spice to the item game.

As if Legendary were not exciting enough, Legion offers up even more great news for those looking to equip their character using less conventional means. Every single item in Legion has the potential to drop with an increased item level. Not only can they scale up, but they can scale up farther than ever before. Items in Legion have the potential to scale up to the highest item level in the game.


This doesn't mean that you can totally forgo other means of gearing up. The best and most efficient way to get gear is still by taking on the most difficult high level content. With that being said, this feature makes getting gear more exciting than ever before. Who knows if the next item you get will potentially turn out to be the last upgrade you need for that slot?


Finally, duplicate personal loot can now be traded. No longer are you stuck selling or disenchanting these extra pieces of gear. So if you have an item that drops that has a power level equal to or less than what you currently have, you will now be able trade that item to any player on the tap list.


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