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Guide to the Eve of Legion Returns

This guide includes all known contents and system changes of eve patch of Legion Returns Expansion in world of warcraft. It is expected to release before the expansion updates in advance. This patch includes lots of changes of system and UI, where you can experience new wardrobe system, 7.0 Eve events, UI improvement and the new class - Demon Hunter.


Eve events of 7.0 patch

The eve events of 7.0 will be available at some time after the new patch upgraded.

Demons invasion in low-levels area.

Nethershard awards and transmogrify gears.

Dark whispers will transform player into eroded agent, maybe into Dreadlord.

Broken beach quest can be completed. Players can prepare for Legion Returns.


Wardrobe system

All gears of armor type in your bag can be added into wardrobe.

Gears dropped from quests will be added automatically, but you can only get awards corresponding to your armor’s type.

A class’ exclusive gear is exclusive forever.


Changes of classes and tunes

All classes’ changes will be available in the eve patch of Legion Returns, except PVP honor talents and features of relics.

Large tunes will be removed. There will not has a limitation of 3 tunes of small tunes.

Many talents will be exclusive for specifications, so every specification has a difference.

Players need new consumables to change talents.

Survival hunter will change a lot. This class will use long-stem melee weapons in 7.0 patch and many animations of its skills will be improved, especially for melee skills.


Demon Hunter

Players who pre-ordered Legion Returns Expansion can experience this new class earlier.

Demon hunter begins at new-player area with LV.98.

Demon hunter can wear leather armor, hold blades with both hands, which are only available for night elf and blood elf.

There will be a lot of customized options such as tattoos, blinders, horns and extra skin color.

This class has a very high flexibility and two specifications: catastrophe and revenge.

Changes of gears

Some attributions will be removed: spurting, armor addition and spirits.

All classes can’t change the types of armor.

As currency, honor points will be removed. Low-level PVP gears will no longer need to consume honor points. Players can buy all weapons and armors of Warloads of Draenor from trader.


Changes of areas

The garden of Stormwind will reconstruct after destroyed for many years by Dead Wings.

New Dalaran in Legion Returns! There will be a portal tower in the middle of Dalaran rather than courtyard. Totally new decorations of architectures and new archaeological stores. The sewer of Dalaran will be changed into a world PVP area.


Updates of Abilities

UI will change a lot.

Recipes will be grouped by different types.

Players can clearly see the you-should-learn recipe, recipe-you-learned and the needed materials of every recipe from extended page.

Some recipes of Legion Returns have 3 levels. Old recipes are as usual.


Removed contents of the eve patch

Legendary quests.

Challenge mode of Warloads of Draenor.

Season 2 Fight Club.

Reins of Grove Warden dropped from Archimonde.

Bastion quests.


Contents that will not be available before Patch 7.0

Levels 100+.

Class order hall in Broken Isles.

New dungeons and raids.

LV110 epic dungeons.

New PVP season.

Mounts, pets and new transmogrify style.



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