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Guide to the Black Morass in Patch 6.2 of World of Warcraft


WoW patch 6.2 is now on live. Many wowers mastered lots of skills and played it smoothly. We have had some article at Mmogah news about patch 6.2 and shared some small tips. Today let’s talk something about the Black Morass in patch 6.2.


Where is the Black Morass?

The Black Morass was the area that is currently divided into the Blasted Lands and Swamp of Sorrows. It is where the orcs first appeared in Azeroth through the Dark Portal. When the Dark Portal was opened, the area around it began to wither. The Black Tooth Grin clan established its bases on this area and was entrusted with the keeping of the Dark Portal.


What is the Black Morass?

The Black Morass is one of the time ways accessible in the Caverns of Time. In this wing, a group of players must defend the last Guardian Medivh, in a swamp known as The Black Morass. The Guardian Medivh, possessed by Sargeras, attempts to open the Dark Portal to Draenor, while wave upon wave of dragonkin of the Infinite Dragon flight attempt to defeat Medivh in order to alter time and halt the invasion of Azeroth from Draenor.


What you will meet here?

  • Chrono Lord Deja: Chrono Lord Deja is a simple fight, as the boss has only a few abilities. The Infinite Dragon flight tempted many braconid with promises of power, but most found only servitude and despair. One of the few exceptions is Chrono Lord Deja, who gained influence within the flight through his raw power and cunning.


  • Temporus: Although relatively young, Temporus was instrumental in identifying many of the Infinite Dragon flight’s prime targets. As a reward, he was given the responsibility of destroying anyone who might attempt to interfere with the dragon flight’s plans.


  • Aeonus: Powerful and wild, Aeonus was tasked by the Master of the Infinite Dragon flight to personally oversee the disruption of key moments in the true tideway. The Aeonus encounter is wholly single-target with no damage to players other than the tank.



  • Before you approach here, you should first take out any enemies you see around the area.

  • When you get close to, Medivh will start an event that comes in waves. Three of those waves are boss fights.

  • To close each opening rift, kill the Rift Keeper who is keeping it open.

  • Kill the enemies who come through as quickly as possible to prevent them overwhelming Medivh.

  • If you're efficient, you'll be able to get out of combat between rifts.


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