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Guide to Steel Predator in Hard Mode of World of Warcraft

John Ryan Date: July 01st, 2015 Views: 8599 wow wow gold mmogah wow steel predator wow patch 6.2

In wow patch 6.2 of World of Warcraft, the majority of people have come into contact with it. Now let's share some new skill in wow steel predator.


Steel predator

In the case after the fall of orgrimmar, people in heiso’s workplace found the drawings of steel predator. It is inspired by the structure of the burning legion strong body, which is the masterpiece of evil goblins. After his death, this project really completed, and turned to be pinnacle of this tribal forces.


Basic position:

wow steel predator position


As shown position, in addition to NQ standing in the purple point, which is convenient to brush the shelling, the others can be divided into two groups which are the treatment and the remote. On both sides the treatment and remote are in 2 groups’ stance, if barrage just put toward the arrow direction to the front of it, the team with quick DPS can turn P1 to P2 and then to P1 instantly. The slower team may play P2 once again, and ends in P1. The center of the battle is that P1 multi-output BOSS and P2 attack off bombs. The more you do, the better you will be.


But you have to pay attention to some tips:   

  • The entire P1 is a stake battle and the remote group can be dispersed on both sides of the BOSS in advance to wait for the boss open. In addition to the barrage, assault, and avoiding ground fire in P1, keeping 8 yards dispersion can log output to maximize the DPS (some people have a habit, that is, no matter the output and treatment, he likes moving or jumping from time to time. It will lead to the people who is around you resetting the position to maintain its 8 yards. At the time no one output, it is a virtually waste of DPS. So please hold your position). Please avoid barrage, charge, and the fire on ground to reduce pressure for the treatment.

  • If it is 2T tactics, shelling DEBUFF countdown is 13 seconds. If it is shelled, please do not run immediately. Maybe deputy T is on the way back after finishing the last process. So wait for deputy T to receive the BOSS again to deal with the shelling. Keep the BOSS unmoved to let the DPS output.

  • P1 is coming to the end and the BOSS will soon turn into P2. XD have a group of rush, as so as possible  you can move to the center to let the bomb together in the middle. The P2 BOSS skill sequence is the bomb – shelled pot - oil - fire. All the people in P2 stand far away from the man who is shelled. The remote player attacks the bomb in fire in the first place. P1 turns to P2, T turns to the BOSS, and the DPS processes which are unused, then output the BOSS.

  • Please count the time in output profession, try to leave a bomb skill to P2.

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