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Guide to Running Boss Archimonde of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

After you have experience World of Warcraft patch 6.2, do you know which the most difficult boss is? Though there are so many element are added in, such as weapons, pets, flying, accelerating gear and unreal engine 4, the answer is Archimonde. But where is Archimonde and how to run the boss?

Archimonde is the last boss in the Battle for Mount Hyjal. It is a world class Boss. 25 people instance. The fight is a major battle for survival; even a single player's death can easily result in a wipe.

Method gets world first Mythic Archimonde kill now.

After a long time, Method has come through with the world first Mythic kill of Archimonde. The final boss in Hellfire Citadel. Their journey has not been an easy one, rife with raid lockout issues unique to Mythic mode that kept them from entering the instance at times.

Where stand to kill the Archimonde?

There are many ways to place the position. But everyone has to move around to avoid Doomfires. You should keep in mind that:


1.         Try your best to minimize the collateral damage from the Air Burst AoE

2.         Keep at least 15 yards away from all Doomfires

3.         Stay within range of at least one decurser

4.         Stay inside healer range

Doomfire and Allure of flames are the key ability of archimonde. So you have to pay more attention to these.

After these, you may come into another phase. In this phase, the main mechanics are Doomfire, Shadowfel burst and Desecrate. So you should get ready to run at least 30 yards away from the soul. And you must break their Shackled Torment meanwhile. Your group menmbers should take turns breaking their Shackled Torment gradually, with your members in the weakest personal cooldowns going first.

The last round Archimonde will keep Shackled Torment and Wrought Chaos and gains Nether Banish.

First Archimonde will release Nether Banish on tank target, and then nether banish tank should move away to avoid sending players into twisting nether.

This round is the most important round. You and your members should burst each Infernal Doombringer down quickly, and should use crowd-control abilities to keep the Infernal Doombringers apart to negate the Eternal Flame healing. Pay attention to that, while Infernal Doombringers are susceptible to Banish, they will still gain Energy while Banished, and if they reach full health, they will still cast Hellfire. So this way is not so recommended.

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