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  • Guide to Legion Dungeons and Raids in World of Warcraft
    By John Ryan2016-07-12 00:00:00

    It is not a long time before Legion is coming on late August. All of the players in World of Warcraft are on the tiptoe of expectation for this update. As the 6th expansion of world of warcraft, the Legion will bring many brand new contents: new map the Broken Isles, new class the Demon Hunter, new legendary weapons, new dungeons and raids. Here in this article, we summarize the guide to Legion dungeons and raids (Refer to the videos made by Method).

    There are 9 5-man dungeons and 2 raids in all for legion first patch update.


    They are Halls of Valor, Black Rook Hold, Vault of the Wardens, Eye of Azshara, Darkheart Thicket, Neltharion’s Lair, Helheim, Suramar City, Violet Hold.


    1. Halls of Valor

    Heros are on their way of looking for Pillar of Creation. Halls of Valor locates in the clouds above the Stormheim (Northeast of Broken Isles). Players will encounter the boss Hymdall, Hyrja, Fenryr, God-King Skovald, Odyn. The art and feel of this dungeon is quite inspired by Valhalla. The achievement Surge Protector can be achieved.


    2. Black Rook Hold

    This dungeon locates in Val’sharah (Northwest of Broken Isle). It is a max-level dungeon. It is carved out of the mountain as a bulwark against the Buring Legion. Players start from catacombs below Black Rook Hold and should finally reach the top of the spire.

    3. Vault of the Wardens

    It is the Warden maximum security facility, holding all threats to the world. This location serves as both a dungeon and the Demon Hunter starting experience.

    4. Eye of Azshara

    This dungeon locates in Azsuna, where players will contend with the minions of Queen Azshara and her naga. Players will encounter the bosses Warlord Parjesh, Lady Hatecoil, King Deepbeard, Serpentrix and Wrath of Azshara. The achievements Ready for Raiding V and Stay Salty will be achieved.

    5. Darkheart Thicket

    It locates in Val’Sharah at base of the World Tree. The Heart of the Nightmare’s corruption is spreading through the zone and players should stop it, going through dark thickets to ultimately rescue Malfurion from the clutches of the Nightmare.

    6. Neltharions Lair

    It locates in Highmountain. This is the cavern where Nelgharion lived before he became Deathwing. Players should venture inside to recover the Pillar of Creation.

    7. Helheim

    It locates in Stormheim. Players will spend much of the dungeon contending with the damned spirits of the Kvaldir on a ship that sails through stormy seas. This dungeon is the polar opposite of the Halls of Valor - the Vrykul here have certainly not earned the ascension they had hoped for.

    8. Suramar City

    City of Night. Nightborne rule from their palace and the dungeon includes both catacombs and noble houses. Players need to uncover what ties to Legion exist and the ultimate plan unfolding here.

    9.Violet Hold

    Deep mysteries we never uncovered the first time that are awoken by the proximity to the Tomb of Sargeras. We will learn more about Dalaran and its mages, as well as more about the world itself.



    The Emerald Nightmare 

    Players can finally enter in the world of the Emerald Nightmare, which has been in wowers’ mind. Players climb into the tree itself and cross into the reality of the dream, as opposed to the dungeon where players are just at the roots of the World Tree. Players will also see glimpses of the Emerald Dream. This raid ends in the battle with Xavius.

    Suramar Palace

    Home to the Nightwell, center of Suramar’s power and a corrupted Pillar. Similar to Black Temple in spirit, with players sneaking in rather than making a frontal assault.This is where players will finally confront a cornered Gul’Dan.

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