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Guide to Draenor Pathfinder in Patch 6.2 of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft patch 6.2 includes the Garrison Shipyard, Tanaan Jungle, Hellfire Citadel, and Draenor Pathfinder. Before we have talked about the first three. Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2 is now live! Let's talk about it.

How to unlock flying in Draenor


Draenor Pathfinder:


  • Explore all of Draenor zones

Explore Draenor has account-wide progress, so you can explore different zones on different characters. The same character must explore each area of a single zone though.

  1. The Iron Waystation in Frostfire Ridge is southeast of the Wolf's Stand Flight Path.

  2. If you are Alliance and haven't explored Frostfire Ridge before, you can get through the giant wall of rock by Iron Siegeworks via a tiny tunnel--you aren't trapped!

  3. Deadgrin is nearby the Evermorn Springs in Gorgrond.

  4. Lost Veil Anzu is the body of water bordering Spires of Arak and Shadowmoon Valley. It is easy to reach by swimming along the west coast of Shadowmoon Valley.

  5. The Path of Glory in Talador is around 66, close to where Talador leads into Gorgrond.

  6. Isle of Shadows in Shadowmoon Valley is southwest of Socrethar's Rise.


  • Complete 12 specific Apexis Dailies

  • Tanaan Diplomat:hit revered with the three new factions

  • Loremaster of Draenor: complete all major story quests in Draenor

  • Master Treasure Hunter: collect 100 treasures

These treasures are lootable once by players, after which they disappear. They are only seen by the individual player, so you do not have to worry about other players stealing your treasures or waiting for respawns.


Tanaan Jungle treasures coming in 6.2 do not count towards Master Treasure Hunter. There is also some naming confusion with treasure achievements. Master Treasure Hunter before 6.2 refers to an achievement that requires 50 treasures. In 6.2, this is renamed to Expert Treasure Hunter and a new Master Treasure Hunter achievement gives 100 treasures.


Also there are some treasure maps as follows:


Fickle Loyalty: Frostfire Treasure Map

Highplains Robbery: Nagrand Treasure Map

Tomb Raider: Shadowmoon Valley Treasure Map

Bird Watching: Spires of Arak Treasure Map

Fields of Sorrow: Talador Treasure Map

You can buy an Explorer's Notebook in wow gold to attempt to spawn one of the above treasure missions.


It's a Jungle Out There: Gorgrond Treasure Map

Fickle Loyalty: Frostfire Treasure Map

Tomb Raider: Shadowmoon Valley Treasure Map



If you have completed the quest successfully, you can get the pet rewards such as Savage Cub and Blazing Firehawk.

Or the four new mounts: Bristling Hellboar, Wild Goretusk, Deathtusk Felboar, Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing.

Or the two toys for each faction: Rukhmar's Sacred Memory, Karabor Councilor's Attire, Frostwolf Grunt's Battlegear.


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