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Guide to Demon Hunter Starting Quests

John Ryan Date: August 12th, 2016 Views: 14987 wow demon hunter wow legion wow gold wow powerleveling

The first half is linear. No chests or rare monsters.

First quest: kill 15 demons randomly. Quest location:

Then move to here, raise the flag.

From here, every time you'll receive 2-3 quests. The switch of the portal locates here:

What the switch looks like:

After opening the door, Ashtongue will bring a gift from Illidan: an ugly mount...

A running quest begins.

From now, you will experience a feature of DH: always choose the unusual way to go to finish quest.

Don’t choose the main road, go south directly to this container.

Then, the second quest begins: Questioning and saving people.

A chest in this hole.

Many jailers in this road. Kill them and pick the key.

Now it’s time to use your imagination to step over the hills. Hints: two-stage jump and glide ability of DH.

Save your teammates and kill the inquisitor.

A chest near the inquisitor.

More quests here.

Then, full speed ahead to north. Two quest in here: open the portal and kill the commander.

Another chest near the portal.

Another quest in here.

A strange cave behind the battle field.

The entrance of the cave is stuck by rocks. Use demon visual to inspect it. Lots of demons in the cave. A chest in the entrance.

Jump from this waterfall, you will see the second chest and demon commander.

You have some chance to upgrade the gear to purple.

Another three quests after leaving this cave.

Go south and go anti-clockwise.

Spider palace

Go to this alleyway.

Go through this cave in front of the palace.

A rare spider in the palace.

Save the tied-up NPC before attack the rare spider. This NPC can serve as a tank.

Two cannon and a rare giant here:

A chest in this cave.

Then go to here. Talk to NPC and receive the quest. Then go to there:

A rare demon in here.

Detour to here after finishing three quests.

The last rare demon here. Go upstairs to open the chest after killing demon.

Hand over the three quests. Then go to kill the bloodmother and open the portal. All quests will be done.


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