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Guide to Core Skills of WOW Fire Mage in 7.0 Expansion

By John Ryan2016-07-22

Guide to Core Skills of WOW Fire Mage in 7.0 Expansion

In Legion Returns expansion of World of Warcraft, the core skills of Fire Mage has changed a lot. Today, mmogah wants to make a deep analysis of those skills: Fireball, Pyroblast, Reignition Overdrive, Flame Strike,Combustion and Hot Streak.



Fireball: Throws a fiery ball that causes (175% of Spell powerfire damage. Each time your Fireball fails to critically strikes a target, it gains a stacking Enhanced Pyrotechnics - 10% increased critical strike chance. Effect ends when Fireball critically strikes.

Fireball can be intensified by Great Balls of Fire and Fire at will, which can improve its damage and cast speed. This skill, which is integrated with Draenor special-Enhanced Pyrotechnics, will become stronger in 7.0 expansion.


Pyroblast: Hurls an immense fiery boulder that causes great fire damage (400% of Spell power) with 4.5s cast time. This skill will become ‘instant’ under the affect of magic strikes, dealing double fire damage.

Affected by relic trait-Pyromaniac Hysteria.(Pyroblast damage↑).

Pyroblast has always been a core skill of Fire Mage. In the WOD expansion, continuous Pyroblast will waste a part of DOT damage and the direct damage of it is not high. Compared with WOD version, the new Pyroblast removed its DOT damage and has a higher direct damage. The double mastery effect of it, in fact, replaced the old DOT. The new Pyroblast is increased by magic damage and has an ignite DOT, which makes Fire Mage a top DPS in a team. In addition, the floor level of GCD decreases to 0.75s, the corresponding Haste threshold value of instant Pyroblast becomes 100% in the Legion expansion, which improves the instantaneous damage of Pyroblast triggered by Bloodlust and Haste actually.


Reignition Overdrive:Casts a critical shock wave. 2 tiers of charge, each tier with 12s CD. Its CD is Affected by Haste, calculating formula: 12/(1+x), x=Haste value. It can be cast in casting process, which has no GCD.

Affected by relic trait-Pyroclasmic Paranoia(Reignition Overdrive damage↑) and Blast Furnace(Casts a DOT debuff to the target).

A very strong skill in LEG expansion. Although the effect of ignite and Pyroblast DOT can’t diffuse to other targets and its CD becomes longer, Reignition Overdrive occupies no GCD and can be cast in the time of casting, which gives it a flexible skill position.

The use of new Reignition Overdrive needs fast reaction and network speed of players. It is recommended that you should adjust the keys of Reignition Overdrive, Fireball and Pyroblast to do combos quickly. A high ping will affect the system judges of Hot Streak and Magic Strikes and then affect your skill combo. It is hard to avoid casting 2 tiers of Reignition at a time in adaptation period, so you should do more exercises.

Your target burns for an additional 6% over 9 sec of the total direct damage caused by your Fireball, Fire Blast, Scorch, Pyroblast, and Flamestrike. If this effect is reapplied, any remaining damage will be added to the new Ignite. Every 2 sec, your Ignite may spread to another nearby enemy.

Affected by relic trait-Everburning Consumption(Ignite damage↑) and Phoenix Reborn(Deals damage at some chance rate when target is ignited. Phoenix Impact’s CD↓).

The new mechanism of Ignite is complex. In general, 1s for one time of Ignite damage, Max Stacking: 9s. 

The calculation of ignite pool is as the same as previous version, and no damage overflow.


Example of Ignite mechanism:

In the situation that I casts Fireball under 8 units of stacking and constantly refresh the effect of Ignite of head target:

2s-target 1 sustains ignite damage and diffuses ignite to target 2;

4s-target 1&2 sustain ignite damage and diffuse to target 3&4;

6s-1234, diffuse to 5678; finally this effect ends diffusing among 1-8 units.


The above example is a perfect situation. In fact, the time of ignite diffuse follows server’s time. That means Ignite will begin to diffuse in 0.01-2s real time.

Ignite will not diffuse from small ignite pool to a bigger one. I think the new mechanism in LEG is better than WOD, the second target can also be ignited if the first target is ignited. The burst AOE damage becomes lower in LEG but we don’t need to do burst AOE through Ignite.


Flame Strike: Calls down a pillar of fire, burning all enemies within the area for (180% of Spell power) Fire damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 8 sec. Becomes instant cast and makes double ignite effect under magic strikes.

Affected by relic trait-Aftershock(Casts small-scale Flame strike after 3-4s with 10% damage and ignite effect) and Blue Flame Special(Increase Flame Strike’s damage).

The new Flame Strike is a very good AOE skill, which equals to the Fire Ball to every target. Instant Flame Strike can generate double ignite effect. But Flame Strike can’t generate Hot Streak, so you need to use direct-damage skill to trigger Hot Streak and then use Reignition to cast instant Flame Strike. Phoenix-Reignition is a frequently-used combo to get instant Flame Strike when in LV.110. So in an AOE loop, how many instant Flame Strikes you can cast depends on how many Phoenix and Reignition you preserved. MAX: 4 hits.


Combustion: Engulfs you in flames for 10 sec, increasing your critical strike chance by 100% and granting you Mastery equal to your Critical Strike stat. Unaffected by the GCD while casting. 

A remastered skill. The new Combustion is similar to buff skill of Arcane Mage, which has no connection with Ignite. I think the old Combustion is the most OP skill of Fire Mage, because the damage of Combustion equals to the peak value of Ignite and the old Combustion can repeatedly cast at the peak value in X secs. However, it is also an obstacle for Fire Mage’s development. Blizzard always slash the skill damage of Fire Mage in one after another patches. I think changing Combustion is at some degree a good news. The new one is a good skill, the method of doing burst damage is stable however your gears are good or not. It can also coordinate with relic trait-Pyretic Incantation. You can cast the new one when casting.


Combo Example:

Hot Streak-Combustion+Reignition+Pyroblast-Fire Ball. (Talents: Incanter Flow or Mirror Image)


Hot Streak: Getting two direct-damage critical strikes in a row will make your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike spell instant cast, and cause double the normal Ignite damage. Critical strikes caused by Fire Ball, Scorch, Pyroblast, Phoenix Impact will trigger Hot Streak. Two continuous critical strikes will replace Hot Streak to magic strikes.

Compared with the previous patches, the magic strikes changed a lot. In the new mechanism, you should use its buff as quick as possible after triggering instant Pyroblast in case of wasting Hot Steak. In LEG Beta, we noticed that a protection mechanism was added to magic strikes. If you cast Fire Ball and Pyroblast in a very short time and if the former critically strikes but the latter don’t, a Hot Streak can also be triggered. So, in this expansion, the transform rate of critical strikes-Pyroblast will not become low.


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