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Guide of the First Raid in Warlords of Draenor – Highmaul

There are totally 3 raids in Warlords of Draenor, including Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel. Highmaul is the first raid in Warlords of Draenor and I found that our website had ever shared Blackrock Foundry Guide and Hellfire Citadel Guide, so in this article, I will share some tips for the Raid Highmaul, regardless of you are melee dps, tank, healer or ranged dps. This guide is only for your reference.


Highmaul locates in northwestern Nagrand and you can head there from the closest fighting path Rilzit Mugshot. Before entering in the raid, repair your gear near the entrance with some wow gold. Bogruk, the repair vendor, is on the right outside of the raid. Just do it.


There are four difficulties in Highmaul Raid: LFR(25 players), Normal (10-30 players), Heroic (10-30 players), and Mythic(20 players). The average loot ilvl is between 645-685. Ilvl 640 for LFR, ilvl 655 for Normal, ilvl 670 for Heroic, and ilvl 685 for Mythic. At the same time, you have to collect some drop items from the bosses that are used for legendary questlines. According to I know, the ilvl is lower than Blackrock Foundry loot almost 10 ilvls.


There are 7 bosses in Highmaul Raid: 4 main encounters and 3 optional encounters. Different tips for dps, tank, healing are listed below.

1.      Kargath Bladefist (main encounter)

Melee dps: Make sure not to stand in Fire Pillars and don’t fall into the pits in order to avoid huge damage. Don’t stand in front of Kargath because this boss will pick a ranged target to rush towards. The boss like to throw targets, so if you are among the 5 closest players during Chain Hurl, don’t stand in front of mobs, bombs.

Ranged dps: Keep at least 7 yards apart from all players, so Blade Dance won’t hit multiple targets. Also don’t stand near the Fire Pillars. When the boss fixates on you with Berserker Eush, kite him as long as possible, if you’re unable to do this, run him through a File Pillar to break it.

Tank: Tank Swap: Impale (the attack)/Open Wounds (the debuff) @ 2 stacks. Or you can simply swap as Chain Hurl ramps up. As a tank, if you are not tanking the boss currently, then stand next to him during the cast to pull as many mobs as possible.

Healer: Make sure not to fall into the pits and don’t stand in Fire Pillars. Use external cooldowns on the tanks for Impale. On LFR difficulty, one healer will be sent to the stands at random to heal the DPS killing adds there. Healers should save raid cooldowns for when Iron Bomber are up and dying as well as heal the group sent up to the stands with them.


2.      The Butcher (optional encounter)

Melee dps: the Butcher can use Gushing Wounds to debuff players that are closest to him, so as a melee dps, if you reach 4 stacks of Gushing Wounds, be sure to move from the closest group because when you reach 5, it means an instant death. Make sure not to join the ranged cluster as you will gain additional stacks when the boss does Bounding Cleave.

Ranged dps: Stand spread at least 8 yards from all other players unless you are assigned to be in a clump. When you are assigned to be part of a melee clump, then stay in melee range until getting 4 stacks of Gushing Wounds, after that, leave the clump and spread with the rest of ranged dps and only return to the melee only after your stacks drop.

Tanks: stand on top of each other to split the damage on the current target (Heavy Handed). You'll have to react to damage the entire fight, not just when you're tanking. Tank Swap @ 2-3 stacks of The Tenderizer.

Healer: Stay at ranged unless your group has assigned healers to stand with the melee piles.

Keep ground heals down on melee and focus heals on them for the split damage of Cleave. Use cooldowns during Bounding Cleave and sub 30% enrage.


3.      Tectus (optional encounter)

Melee dps: Grasp the only time to kill or shatter any form of Tectus during Tectonic Upheaval and don’t stand between any form of Tectus and his Crystalline Barrage ability, also don’t stand in front of Night-Twisted Earthwarpers.

Ranged dps: stay far away from Tectus to avoid having Earthen Pillar in bad locations. Move away when the boss spawns Earthen Pillar. Save personal cooldowns when the boss reaches 100 energy and starts casting Tectonic Upheaval.

Tanks: Before the boss breaks apart: One tank will be on the boss, one tank will be responsible for picking up the orc adds and pulling them away from the boss. Distance will increase your chances of intercepting Gift of Earth. Also face the small add away from the raid.

Healer: Don't stand between any form of Tectus and his Crystalline Barrage ability. Don't stand in front of Night-Twisted Earthwarper. Use cooldowns during Tectonic Upheaval and move out of the rumbling earth before the eruption of Earthen Pillar.


4.      Brackenspore (optional encounter)

Melee dps: don’t stand in front of the boss and don’t stand in the Creeping Moss that spreads through the room. Standing near full health Living Mushrooms to be healed is the best way. Use the Flamethrower to burn away Creeping Moss from around the boss.

Ranged dps: do not stand in front of the boss in order to avoid Necrotic Breath attack. Use personal defensive cooldowns at higher stacks of Infesting Spores. When taking too much damage, you can go nearby a fully-grown Living Mushroom to get healed.

Tanks: Face boss away from raid because of his frontal cone attack, Necrotic Breath, but position near a Rejuvenating Mushroom so that ranged and maybe melee can get the dps buff. Necrotic Breath: You cannot heal or be healed for the 5 second duration of the channel, so you must rely on shields, avoidance, and damage reduction cooldowns. Tank swap: 4 stacks of Rot.

Healer: Don't stand in the Creeping Moss. Don't stand in front of the boss. Heal up Living Mushroom and Rejuvenating Mushroom to full for raid wide buffs.


5.      Twin Ogron (main encounter)

Melee dps: Twin Ogron is much more melee friendly so focus Pol if possible. Keep away from fire as possible and don’t stand between Pol and his Shield Charge target.

Ranged dps: watch out for Pol’s Shield Charge and stay away from its path, avoid the hit because you will get large damage. Stay away from Pulverize drops. Save your personal defensive cooldowns for Quake.

Tank: One tank on each boss for the entirety of the fight, close to each other as much as possible.

Move the boss out of the raid group so that no one but you is troubled by the damage. Environmental effects to avoid: fire on the ground.

Healer: Don't stand between Pol and his Shield Charge target. Be ready to heal on the move when Quake and Blaze happen and use cool downs for those. Stop casting during for Interrupting Shout so you don't get spell locked.


6.      Ko’ragh(main encounter)

Melee dps: Kill Volatile Anomalies while the boss is Charging if possible. Expel Magic: Fire don’t stand near allies when the dubuff expires or is dispelled. Expel Magic: Arcane run away from the raid making sure to not run through other players. Expel Magic: Frost don’t stand near the frost orb.

Ranged dps: The main function of Spell casters in this fight is to break his Nullification Barrier. The longer the barrier stays up, the harder the boss will hit with his abilities. Move away from other players once the effects of Expel Magic: Fire are about to expire on you. Stay away from the Frost Orbs created by Expel Magic: Frost. Mechanics that can break snares are highly recommended.

Tank: Tank swap: Expel Magic: Arcane.

Tank with Expel Magic: Arcane needs to immediately run away from the raid because you're dropping little pools of magic that will explode in a few seconds and deal damage to anyone within 5 yards. Just keep moving around the outside of the room until the pools stop dropping.

Healer: Do not stand in Suppression Field. Players absorbing Caustic Energy will need lots of direct heals. Dispel Expel Magic: Fire if your raid is spread out enough, since it inflicts AoE damage upon removal/expiry. Otherwise, spread out to generally avoid its damage.


7.      Imperator Mar’gok (main encounter)

Melee dps: kill Arcane Aberrations first and don’t run through the runes on the ground at range.

Ranged dps: If you're targeted by  Arcane Wrath and it has 3 or more stacks, make sure to try to run away from everyone else so it can't jump. Also use a moderate-high damage reduction by the time it expires. Don't step on Destructive Resonance.

Tank: One tank with quick mobility should pull and handle all the Mark of Chaos debuffs. The other tank should handle the Arcane Aberration add. Tank swap: First swap immediately after Mark of Chaos is cast, second swap when an Arcane Aberration spawns.

Healer: Pay attention to how you handle the Arcane Wrath debuff. Do not run through, or stand in or behind, the runes on the ground at range. Arcane Wrath inflicts heavy damage when it expires from a target. Heal them. Adds pulse with AoE damage while alive.


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