• Guide of Patch 6.1 Garrison’s New Change in Follower in World of Warcraft: Harrison Jones
    By John Ryan2015-03-18 00:00:00

    There are many changes of the Garrison on the Patch 6.1 such as building, music, missions, followers etc. In this article, we will focus on the new follower of Harrison Jones in the New Patch. 

    As a new follower, Harrison Jones comes with the special trait Mentor, who is a reward from the achievement of Don’t Call Me Junior (for both of the Alliance & Horde). And he also comes with the new trait Treasure Hunter which can increase players’ wow gold obtaining from missions. Moreover, if you upgrade him to epic, guess what, he can bring you more potential abilities.

    Well use of the two traits will get players’ more benefits. Mentor is great for power-leveling followers. It can make players who have them quickly raising a level 90 to level 100 follower, and obtain full rewards of level 100 XP (experience). Be specific that leveling up from 90 to 100 needs 27,900 XP in total, which can be finished with Harrison Jones’s party in 2 or 3 missions of level 100 experience, and can be granted 1,500 base XP and extra 8,000 to 15,000 XP for accomplishment of them successfully. In addition, Mentor, as a permanent trait only shows on specific followers. Actually there are 6 traits in total like Mentor, and the other five are:


    1.         Bodygard (find it from Talonpriest Ishaal, Tormmok, Defender Illona, Aeda Brightdawn, Delvar Ironfist, Vivianne, and Leorajh)

    2.         Evergreen (find it on Phylarch the Evergreen)

    3.         Combat Experience (find it from Blook)

    4.         Angler (find it on Nat Pagie)

    5.         Master Assassin (find it on Garona Halforcen)


    Treasure Hunter is the other very useful trait too, which can get you more gold after successfully finishing missions. Here is a tip for players that the trait stacks with other followers who have the trait too. For example,

    • Two followers on a mission get three times gold reward.

    • Three followers on a mission get four times gold reward, and so on.

    Last but not least, players should know that Mentor is a unique trait to Harrison Jones, and it’s permanent. The trait of Treasure Hunter is not permanent, which can be replaced with retraining items after all.


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