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Customer Is Always a Priority at Mmogah on WoW Gold Business

John Ryan Date: April 28th, 2015 Views: 8230 wow gold wow world of warcraft mmogah

Last Week a customer made an order of 30,000 wow gold from us, and a couple of days later he wrote to us that because suspected by Blizzard “The wow gold he had received from another player known to be associated with exploitive activates”, so amount of 19547.82 gold was removed by Blizzard from his account and returned to the rightful character. This kind of case we had experienced was the first time till now, and fortunately there were no more other loses for him. We, Mmogah, always consider our services and treat our customers as a priority based on our company culture.


Therefore, we ask the buyer to provide these two kinds of proves:

1. A screenshot of an email about the gold got removed from Blizzard in your battle net account email.

2. A screenshot of your game play with the gold removed email from Blizzard in your in-game mailbox with your character on.

After checked the whole process of this matter and proves the buyer provided, we made a full amount compensation to this buyer to fill his lose, and he was very satisfied with the solution from us. Not only for this case, if others who meet the similar situations at Mmogah, you do not need to worry at all, we guarantee that you will get a full amount compensation from us.


However buyers need not to worry about secure issue of purchasing gold from off-game gold services, because it’s an extremely rare case after all. At our shop there are different kinds of methods for gold delivering. Moreover we also have high quality on line customer service, reasonable refund policy and all types of Mmogah discount code provided.


Secure Delivery Methods:

1. Delivery Gold through Auction House: a secure method, but please note that buyers will get 5% less due to MB taxes from the game.

2. Face-to-Face Trade: a safe method too. Please see how this method works below:

  • Once logged in we whisper you and designate a place to meet to make trade.

  • We ask you to give us a worthless item or items, and we give you the gold in reward.

3. Delivery Gold via Mailbox (Not recommend): We mail WOW gold to you via mailbox in game. This method is efficient but not very safe, so we do not recommend. And for more information of WOW gold delivery methods, you can view the previous article “Legit WoW Gold Seller and Proper Trading Ways Make Your Account out of Being Banned”.


On-line Customer Service:24/7 Customer Service Support

If you have any questions about buying WOW gold, please do not hesitate to contact our customer reps via Live Chat, Skype: mmogah, or E-mail us: [email protected]

You will get instant response in any way.


Refund Policies:100% Refund Guarantee

If we are current out of stock of WOW gold and our buyers decide not to wait, a full refund will be immediately issued by our customer reps. Also if buyer meets the matter like we talk about above, we promise that we will give you a full amount refund for your loses.


Mmogah Discount Code:

Currently we have two promotion activities on WOW gold.


5% Off on WOW gold order: Like our Facebook page and leave comment.

3% Off on WOW gold order: Like any of our post on Facebook and comment on it.



Make screenshot and send it to our customer reps for your Discount Code.


For other discount activities, please check Mmogah coupon page.


As a professional wow gold selling service, Mmogah has run the business for over 8 years, is a reliable and secure gold seller. If you have any demand of wow gold for building your characters’ gears, you can visit our on line shop.

 mmogah wow gold

NOTICE: All gold we sell is legal. If some tricksters who Whisper to you after trading, please ignore them to avoid gold loss.  DON'T TRADE GOLD BACK TO ANYONE ELSE.


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