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Can WoW Token Take Place of WoW Gold of Mmogah

John Ryan Date: April 10th, 2015 Views: 9063 wow token wow gold game time wow world of warcraft

WoW Token was officially introduced and launched on 7th, April to World of Warcraft by Blizzard. This means that there is one more option for the wowers who like to buy their monthly subscription by wow gold, while in the meantime players can sell WoW Tokens for wow gold as well. For those players who go for wow gold, they need to purchase WoW Tokens in in-game store first, then exchange them to wow gold in Auction House with those players who need game time. So players who need wow gold can directly purchase it in game now. Undoubtedly it is not a good news for third-party virtual game currency market. Will WoW Token substitute for wow gold of Mmogah? We have some different thoughts below.


  • It provides more choices of purchasing amount of wow gold at Mmogah, while in World of Warcraft players can only trade one WoW Token for 30,000 gold (Here just use the officially initial exchange price as an example, current rate may be varied.) each transaction. Moreover, in terms of the regulation of Token system, Blizzard set a limitation on the number of Tokens to restrict on gold trade amount that each player can only purchase maximum 10 Tokens within 30 days in game, but it is free to choose gold amount when players consume at Mmogah.


  • The most important one is that Mmogah has competitive prices compared with gold prices in game of World of Warcraft.

wow token.jpg


wow token mmogah wow gold.jpg


Let’s see trend of gold prices in World of Warcraft within these four days after Token launched. As well known that Blizzard set the initial rate at $20 for 30,000 gold. According to the data on the graph indicate that gold price started to drop dramatically after gold price rose gradually just for the first a few hours after Token released. The lowest exchange rate even fell to $20 for 21,739 gold compared with the starting rate of $20 for 30,000 gold. Token value shredded rapidly just within one to two days in game. In the meantime, as current wow gold price at Mmogah players can have 30,000 gold for nearly $20 which means buyers can obtain more gold with the same money if purchasing gold with Mmogah. In addition, there are often some promotional discount at Mmogah, for example now if buyers use coupon code “mmogah10”, they can get 10 % off on their orders of wow gold. (This activity will not expire until April 15), so buyers will get more extra gold with the same expense at Mmogah than in game.


  • The last but not the least, procedure of trading between Token and wow gold might occur a situation of delay. After a player hangs up a Token in Auction House, this player need to wait for another player who needs token for his/her game-time. In Mmogah, wow gold trade is secure, simple and fast. After received orders from buyers, orders will be processed immediately and gold will be efficiently delivered to buyers in ways of delivery methods they chose like face-to-face, Auction House or e-mail.

We faithfully consider the value of WoW Token to World of Warcraft, especially it provides a change to get players who can’t afford monthly subscription back and enjoy the game again. According to the information above, WoW Token has very close relationship with wow gold, and WoW Token cannot replace WoW Gold of Mmogah. If you want to know more details of WoW Token, you can read the articles of "WoW Token Is Coming on April 7 to World of Warcraft" & "Blizz Has Officially Announced New WoW Token's Price".


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