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​Blizzard Producer: Legion Is the Friendliest Version for WOW Newbie

As the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Legion Returns will be available to WOW players on August 1st. The Chief Producer of Legion, John Hight, took part in the Blizzard conference in ChinaJoy 2016. 

Journalist: Will the “Bastion” system of WOD be improved in Legion?

John Hight: The Bastion system is very popular in 6.0, but it has disadvantages. Many players were indulged in it and didn’t want to go outside. This is not out original intention. We want players to explore the whole world and make friends. So, we change this system into the Class Order Hall. In the hall, they can join the world quests together, send attendants to do quests and know their own class story.


J: Is Azshara the final boss in 7.0? Do players have a chance to meet Sargeras?

John Hight: I promise Azshara is not the final boss in Legion and players can meet many classic characters like Illidan, Anduin.


J: Why your team tried to develop a good reputation for Illidan?

John Hight: Some players think Illidan can’t be forgiven, but Illidan has a good side. He regards the burning legion as the biggest threat in Azeroth and he was making efforts to expel them. This new expansion wants to highlight Illidan’s sacrifice and efforts.

J: What did Legion change in Gameplay?

John Hight: First, Legion makes a friendly environment for new players. Leveling up from 1 to the cap will become more smooth. What’s more, if you want to level up to 100 directly, you can make trials in different classes first and finally decide which class is your favorite.


J: Will classic characters return?

John Hight: From WOD expansion, we have tried to bring characters that players like back to the game, but the present characters and stories are more important. For example, players will meet Gul’dan frequently in Legion. We will shape these characters better, making them vivider.

We are also making WOW caricature now, there will be another three in summer, which is a good supplement of WOW’s story.

J: As a well-known IP, what other plans for WOW in the future?

John Hight: First, we are very happy that WOW movie is welcomed in China. I like this movie very much and watched it three times. In general, we are careful to WOW IP, quality is more important.

Now, we don’t have a plan for a sequel, but WOW games are underway, like the Hearthstone.


J: How many patches will release in Legion?

John Hight: There will be more patches in 7.0 than before. We wants to present more brand new contents for players.


J: I heard that class skills have changed a lot, what did your team think?

John Hight: we have made big changes to every class. First, many skills were same in functions before, we want every class has their own features. At the same time, we remastered the animation of “slash and chop” to make it more powerful. Now, every skill becomes more clear, players can easily figure out which skill is more powerful, which situation can make a skill more powerful. Every skill is logically set under its skill tree.

Legion is very friendly for WOW newbies. I have played 8 characters, each has its special story.

J: As a new class, can Demon Hunter be integrated in games?

John Hight: Demon Hunter is a hard class to play. It has great mobility: two-stage jump, glide, even go through enemies; good damage output and tank ability. It should be a good melee fighter in a team. Demon Hunter can be a qualified tank, dancing around boss and making damage, it can also immune large amount of damage after transfiguration.


J: The challenge stone mode made players worry that WOW will become a “repeatedly-doing-dungeons” game? What’s your view?

John Hight: We just want players can get gears from different ways. Now, players can get legendary gears from world quests, PVP, 5H dungeons or challenge stone.

If you like 5-man battle more, the challenge mode can make players feel more challenging.


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