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Blizz Has Officially Announced New WoW Token's Price

According to the latest news posted on 23rd, March by WOWHEAD, Blizzard has officially announced the price of New WoW Token which will be used in the game of World of Warcraft. Although we do not get the exact launching date of WoW Token, there are still a lot of relative information provided.

l  Now WoW Token is in testing on the PTR, and it might be launched at any time in the following weeks after finishing releasing of the Patch 6.1.2 on 24th, March.

l  WoW Token would be launched in the region of NA (North America) firstly, and then expanded to the rest of regions worldwide in the following weeks after that.

l  WoW Token's official price is $20 for 30 days. (It used to cost a player $14.99 for 30 days subscription every account)

l  WoW Token and game time can be traded each other in Auction House. Exchange price between them will be different in varied servers and worldwide regions.

l  Blizz will set exchange prices based on real demand and supply of Token and game time in Auction House; based on factor of regional in-game economies.


"If more WoW Tokens are being listed than are being purchased, the price will automatically drift downward over time. If people are purchasing Tokens from the Auction House faster than they’re being put up for sale, the prices will go up accordingly."


Blizzard had officially responded to that they would not convert World of Warcraft to a free-to-play game, while the resurgence in subscriptions after launch of Warlords of Draenor makes Blizz to follow up the success, and WoW Token might be a good middle solution. Players who like to pay real money for buying subscription can still choose this way, and players who left this game for subscription issue will have a solution to back to and enjoy World of Warcraft again.


For the specific procedures of buying Token, trading between Token and game time, game time and wow gold, please read the previous article "World of Warcraft New Token System Would Restrain Wow Gold Selling Market? "posted by us.

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