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Archimonde (Hellfire Citadel) Strategy Guide of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

Hellfire Citadel Wing 5- Archimonde is now open! As the final boss of the Hellfire Citadel raid in 6.2 Warlords of Draenor, Archimonde is also the sole boss of the Black Gate wing of Hellfire Citadel LFR.

Over the last several months since the release of Patch 6.2, numerous WoW gamers have battled through the halls of the citadel and conquered bosses imbued with fel-magic. Now it’s time to join Azeroth and Draenor’s greatest heroes to face off against Archimonde the Defiler and prevent him from completing the task lain at his feet by Sargeras: the invasion of Azeroth. Check out the article Guide to Running Boss Archimonde of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 for the more information about Archimonde.   


Archimonde Hotfixes


Loot and Rewards

This loot overview helps you plan out Seal of Inevitable Fate Bonus Rolls.


Notable Trash Mobs

Archimonde is guarded by three of his lieutenants from the Hyjal Summit raid from the Burning Crusade expansion: Anetheron, Kaz’rogal, and Azgalor. These mini-bosses retain the abilities they used in the Battle for Mount Hyjal.


Archimonde Strategy Summary

The Archimonde encounter is primarily about prioritizing DPS on the appropriate targets and avoiding as many sources of avoidable damage as possible. The adds kill order should be:

1.       Doomfire Spirit

2.       Hellfire Deathcaller

3.       Felborne Overfiend (particularly for melee DPS)

4.       Dreadstalker (particularly for ranged DPS)

5.       Infernal Doombringer

6.       Archimonde


Not all of these adds will be active at the same time, so players will find plenty of time to focus their DPS on Archimonde.

The general strategy for the encounter should be:

u  Tank Archimonde near an edge of the encounter area and move him slowly around the room as Doomfire fills the nearby area

u  Kite Doomfire toward the center of the room, and have melee DPS stand on the outside of the boss, so Doomfire doesn’t pass through the melee

u  Ranged DPS should stack under the Shadowfel Burst target after the player is launched into the air

u  When phase 3 begins, move Archimonde to a clear area of the room, so players can spread out for Demonic Feedback

u  The tank affected by Nether Banish should move away from the boss, and players assigned to Twisting Nether duties should quickly stack on this tank

u  In the Twisting Neither realm, kill the Shadowed Netherwalker quickly to return to Draenor

u  Mark the Infernal Doombringers in the final phase and use single-target spells to burst each one down before it reaches full energy

u  If possible, slow, stun, or root the other Infernal Doombringers to prevent Eternal Flame healing


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