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A Hot Argument Caused by Flying Mount Not Coming in World of Warcraft


When Warlords of Draenor first hit, some players were surprised to discover that even upon reaching the new level of 100, they couldn't fly with their air-based mounts in the new zones. Initially Blizzard expected to fly at some point, but now it has changed its mind. It caused a big argument.



Some wowers feel like this is justified on blizzard’s part. It is its game after all, whether or not Blz needs the players’ base to keep the game alive. From its perspective they find flying to be a nuisance rather than a benefit. A player said:” I'm not a mount guy, so I don't feel cheated, but I am the pros for flying did outweigh the cons. I can still see the scenery with my gliders and feather, and I am rarely annoyed that either of them is on cooldown, and even so it just encourages me to spend 5-8 mins wherever I am before I use it again.” Whatever, some players enjoy leveling, and there is nothing more detrimental to process than getting dive bombed by Max lvl toons, and if mounts can't fly at least they would have to find their on foot. Which they feel like is a reason they don't get ranked quite as much leveling in Warlords of Draenor. For example, a player is on a horde server soff places like Nagrand and he tries and stays away from until 100 anyways. But in other eyes this is a pro. This reason has made me hate outland with a passion. He has been hoping since launch that Blz would not add flying again, and he is happy to see it.


But others hold the opposite idea:

Someone said:” I am completely disappointed with Blizzard.” They have been waiting to get flight back. BLZ originally told it would come after enough players hit level 100, then they were told it would come with patch 6.2, now they are being told never. If that is the case, why do blz keep selling flying mounts with wow gold? If blz is going to remove flight permanently from this expansion and future ones, then he need to remove the glyph making travel form 100% for druids and make it baseline. Depending on how things play out, players may seriously consider leaving the game before the end of WoD or once the next expansion dawns. Give those of them who don't (or can't) raid on a regular basis something fun to do. Exploring with flight was just as enjoyable as ground exploration and removed some of the aggravation of not being able to assess an area for those of them with limited time restraints. Stop catering to the young people who have all the time in the world and realize that half the player’s base has aged and now have other responsibilities in real life, or plan to lose a significant portion of your paying player base. Not allowing flying is a pretty big mistake. Making flying dangerous is a design challenge that could be overcome.


Here's some ways Blz could at least attempt to fix flying mounts:


  • Not allow flying to the top of the skybox: Part of the problem with making flying dangerous is he would need copious amounts of enemies/obstacles to account for the height you can fly. It's totally explainable from a lore and gameplay point of view that he would be unable to fly above certain heights due to a thinning atmosphere or lower temperatures.

  • Flying mobs and combat: This is something Blz said he tried but couldn't get to work, but we never really got to see any of it. Bringing something entirely new and refreshing to not only WoW but the entire MMO space. The strength of flying mobs would alone provide the necessary challenge to areas he don't want to be accessible by air.

  • Flying progression throughout an expansion: Touched on this above, but flying could totally be a method of progression much as it was if not more with some fleshing out. Starting with a slow speed, which increases as the player progresses through patches/quests with new training to increase speed/combat abilities/how high the mount can fly. This could also serve as a major feature and part of a wow gold/time sink of an expansion.


It just seems to me they've dropped flying entirely without trying absolutely anything to fix it, at the very least nothing he have shown the public at all which seems crazy.


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