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A Full Guide to WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding

By Penny2022-11-15

What Is Dragonriding

Dragonriding is a new feature in the ninth expansion of WoW series Dragonflight. It enables players to soar in the sky of Dragon Isles and ride on their own customized dragon mount. There are four basic dragon types for players to choose from, each of which has over 50 customizations available.


If you are interested in this feature, keep reading. This article covers how to unlock and customize the dragon mounts, and some concepts related to this feature, like Vigor and Glyphs, also includes some flying tips to help you fly further and higher.



When you use Dragonriding abilities, Vigor is the primary resource you would consume. It recharges while grounded, whether mounted or not, and while Dragonriding at high speeds. You will only have 3 Vigor once Dragonriding is unlocked.


Dragonriding Talents

Dragonriding Talents are unlockable perks that allow you to stay in the air for long periods and increase your Dragonriding expertise. They are account-wide once unlocked.



To earn talent points, you must fly through glowing objects called glyphs. You can spend them on Dragonriding Talents once you have collected them. The Dragon Isles are littered with them.


You don't have to get all the Glyphs linearly, but we recommend doing this because some of the hardest Glyphs are really high up; if your dragon is a bit more powered up by then, you'll just make it easier for yourself to get them.




Dragonriding Abilities

There are some special moves, which are abilities that go on your Dragonriding action bar when you mount up on any Dragonriding mount, like Lift Off, Thrill of the Skies, Winds of the Isles, etc.


How to Unlock Your Dragon Mounts?

To unlock the dragon mounts, you need to quest through the Waking Shores until you get to Alexstrazza, and do a little dragon riding tutorial, which is very straightforward.


You will lock the rest of the mounts by completing your campaign, so you have to do this on your main the first time that you level to 70. It's optional a second time around. The dragon mounts are account-wide, so you can log into your alts and just use these straight away once you've got them on your main.


How to Customize Your Dragon Mounts?

You need to go to a Rostrum of transformation, and this can be found where you first get your dragon riding mounts and do the tutorial. There's also one in Valdrakken, which you can ask a guard to give you directions to. And here, you basically just change and customize your dragon, and finally click the accept button.


If you want to show off your moves now, you can actually take people for a ride on your very own dragon. To do this, you need to speak to one of the dragon trainers. Once it is done, make sure that you've got a Goblin Glider, then fly them up real high and then dismount in the air to kill them all.


Flying Tips


Go Down to Go Up

What this means is that when you go down, you gain momentum, and you can use this momentum to go up and use your number two ability to gain a lot of height. You can do this multiple times, and you will also keep recharging Vigor as you're climbing up, so it can be a mistake to immediately jump off the ground and start ascending.


When You Want to Stop or Slow Down

If you want to slow down, then go up a little bit so you'll lose some momentum and start going a bit slower.


There is one thing you need to note: unlike the normal mounts flying, you can not stop completely in the air when flying in the skies of Dragon Isles because this will make you fall down. So if you do need to stop in a certain place, hold one direction and just circle around for a bit. It will take a while for you to fall completely to the ground.


Make the Best of Ledges

Another tip is to use Ledges to your advantage, especially when you have low Vigor and when you've just got your dragon riding mount for the first time.


It can be tempting to take off by using your number one ability, but it's easier sometimes when you drop off the ledge and glide straight down for a bit, then get momentum by going back up into the air, which makes you cover more distance.


Dismount and Enter Combat

When it comes to dismounting and entering combat, make sure that you pick up the Dragonrider’s Initiative trait and land right on top of your enemy's head.


There are a couple of efficient ways that you can land and start the combat straight away: you could just land on an enemy and begin auto-attacking, which will dismount you, or you can drag some abilities onto your Dragonriding bar and use them to start combat. The third option is simply to just press your mount keybind.


Make the Most of the Ability: Bronze Timelock


Bronze Timelock:

Mark a waypoint on your positional timeline. Use Bronze Rewind to rewind to this location.


This ability seems to have an unlimited range. You can set this at one end of the Dragon Isles, fly all the way to the other, and then instantly teleport back to where you started. You can use this while you're flying, but remember that if you dismount or after you use the return ability, you need to wait for the cooldown to finish to use this again.


Hope these tips and information serve you well. If you like this guide, be sure to subscribe to LazyBeast’s channel since most of the content comes from his video. Have a good time in the skies of Dragon Isles, adventurers!

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