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A Field Guide to Mounts in World of Warcraft

John Ryan Date: December 21st, 2015 Views: 10817 wow mount wow wow gold mmogah gold discount

The mounts have turned up in the play of World of Warcraft, which is popular among most of the game players. But they have changed a little different from the old version, the new mount of methods will give a lot of game players better ways, properties and skills of WoW that havn’t been familiar with. Various vivid styles of mounts are marketed by the vender. How the mounts are treated by the game players. For the mounts fans the styles of the mounts are hardly cared about, which are bought immediately as long as the official launches. Other game players who mind the mounts styles highly only choose the favorite mounts by description of the latest mounts. Next, the mounts are introduced as below.


The latest mounts as below :

1.         Winged Guardian

2.         Warforged Nightmare

3.         Swift Windsteed

4.         Armored Blooding

5.         Enchanted Fey Dragon

6.         Heart of the Aspects

7.         Mystic Runesaber

8.         Celestial Steed

9.         Grinning Reaver

10.     Iron Skyreaver


1.    Winged Guardian: If the eagle-winged lion which is half lionhalf eagle becomes your mount,then it is known that someone is coming! The mount flying speed follows your riding skills!

2.    Warforged NightmareForm a Nightmarish Posse. You are driving the mount on the battlefield for a game player's once dream. The master of the terrorizing mount can summon Nightmarish Hitching Post and Nightmare beast.

3.    Swift Windsteed: Ride like the wind. It is greased lightning in the battlefield with blue appearance, the players, mount!

4.    Armored Blooding: The giant, scary, flying bat is you always wanted. The mount of the flesh-eating bat makes efforts by the death and damage, and the conqueror rides it and hovers in the night sky!

5.    Enchanted Fey Dragon: Entrusted is assigned to protect the Emerald Dream, the mount not only absorbs magic, but also emits multiple colors shifting on the surface, other players will cast an admiring sight to yours!

6.    Heart of the Aspects: Eye-catching air superiority. If you want to make your enemy dazzling, the best attacking angle is the position of sun. This mount fits for you totally

7.    Mystic Rune saber: An Arcane Ally. The mount’s presence is addicted to the game players and the most skilled hunter can not catch it.

8.    Celestial Steed: The mount that is from the Twisting Nether can make you experienced.

9.    Grinning Reaver: The super-nature horse is as fast as your scaddle level. The inner devil of the game players can be summoned by it.

10.   Iron Skyreaver: The mount is fed by brutal Iron Horde beast masters for the war, arming with black steel and melding flame, only the imperatorial master can ride it and campaign to show the conquest ambition.


In a word, all version mounts of World of Warcraft begin to appear a large number on sale. I think there must be one which is perfect for you that only costs you a little gold, the best is the beloved! Whether you are moved after the mounts in details? If the answer is positive, please come Mmogah to buy WoW gold for the mounts. The Mmogah discount is waiting for you at the beginning of the New Year!


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