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10 Things to Do Before WoW BfA Launches

Preparation Guide for WoW BfA

We are now officially less than 3 months away from the release of WoW's 7th Expansion - Battle for Azeroth! That being said, MmoGah.com has decided to compile a list of 10 things to do before BfA launches, and arguably, the most important ones! Since some of them take a bit of time, let's get right to it!

1. Level up your alts, professions and reputations!

You should make use of the current Legion invasions, along with the fact that you're most likely overgearing the current content, even when leveling alts, in order to get all of them ready and with maxed out professions for BfA! This should be a priority especially if you're raiding in a competitive guild, and if you take into consideration the probability to reroll your main character. Class changes are happening constantly during the BETA, and nothing is sure as of yet when it comes to the most effective specs! More so, the more alts with different professions you have, the easier time you'll have in BfA, not to mention the amount of gold you'll be able to make. Everything will be extremely overpriced for the first few weeks, and not having to depend on anyone will surely give you the head start you need! If this is on your to-do list, then make sure to finish off getting exalted with the remaining factions in order to unlock the allied races, so you can level up the class you want right now, instead of having to race change it later in BfA. If you find this boring though, nobody can blame you, and you can always simply buy WoW power leveling!

2. Finish earning the artifact appearances

Although most artifact appearances will still be obtainable in BfA, it has been confirmed that the Mythic +15 in time and Mage Tower Challenge completion ones will become unobtainable once Legion is over! Although some of the Mage Tower Challenges can be completed somewhat easily nowadays with the extra gear, a lot of them still depend on having at least 1 of your class' BiS legendaries (preferably both). Without them, you're bound to spend quite some time, especially if you want to earn them on multiple alts, or don't have enough Nethershards. While these 2 appearance bases can only be unlocked in Legion, their other color forms (such as Heroic Kil'jaeden following the Mage Tower one) can be obtained in BfA as well. However, without unlocking their base (Mythic +15 and Mage Tower), that information is of no help.

3. Proving Grounds and Brawler's Guild achievements

Both current seasons of the Proving Grounds and Brawler's Guild will be ending with Legion, only to have new ones starting in BfA. That being said, there's a very good chance that history will repeat itself, and all of their achievements will be moved to the global Legacy tab, and thus becoming unobtainable. More so, with these achievements becoming unobtainable in BfA, so will your chance to earn the Brawler's Burly Basilisk mount, so make sure to get right on that!

4. Fisherfriend of the Isles

Although this Broken Isles fishing achievement won't be removed in BfA, it's certainly way easier to complete now, that the content is still current and that there are lots of groups of players with whom you can team up in LFG! This achievement will unlock your fishing artifact's hidden appearance, and reaching exalted with each Fisherfriend will allow you to purchase some awesome pets and toy lures!

5. The Chosen title

"The Chosen" title, which is earned by defeating Helya in the Trial of Valor Mythic difficulty, will become unobtainable after Legion ends, along with the Chosen Dead transmog set. This can be a bit of a rough one to get, as unless you're planning on making your own Mythic Helya group, get ready to meet some through-the-roof requirements when applying to random ones.

6. Hoarding Pet Charms

If you're a pet battler, then log back onto your alts and send off those Pet Charm missions! Also, make sure to check for world quests, as you can currently earn about 40-50 Pet Charms a day per character, which will definitely come in handy with the amount of new pets and changes coming in BfA. As a side note, remember to take advantage of the free level 25 pet you get from the WoD garrison quest Unearthed Magic, should you have alts on which you didn't claim it yet! More than this, at that very same WoD quest NPC (Lio the Lioness for Alliance and Serr'ah for Horde), you can purchase an item to instantly level any pet to 25 with just 45 Pet Charms!

7. The Field Medic title and First Aid achievements

If you didn't know, First Aid will be removed in BfA, and will have all of its achievements moved into the Legacy tab, and thus, unobtainable. On top of that, you'll also lose the ability to earn the Field Medic title, which is a pretty cool one. You know, even if you might not use it now, you never know when you'll want it and it'll be too late! On top of that, earning "the Field Medic" title takes quite a lot of time and is super RNG, so if you're a Legacy, Feat of Strength or title hunter, you should make this a priority!

8. Raider Glories and Mounts!

The first mount that you should get of the way and that will be removed in BfA is the Violet Spellwing mount, which drops from defeating Argus, on Heroic difficulty, As with every 100% drop chance mount from end-Mythic bosses, both the Gul'dan and Argus, namely the Fiendish Hellfire Core and Shackled Ur'zul, will have their drop rates nerfed to 1% once Legion is in the rear-view mirror! As we've seen it before, these will get easier to farm once more time passes, however, you should do your best earning the Glory of the Legion Raider, Glory of the Tomb Raider and Glory of the Argus Raider achievements, as chances are, you won't find many people looking to do them once BfA releases. Another thing with earning Glory of the Raider achievements later is that they can ironically become harder, having adds or even bosses dying way too fast, such as Ulduar's Razorscale achievement.

9. Legion Elite PvP sets

Once this expansion comes to and end, so will your chance to earn the 7.3 Elite Transmog PvP set, which I must say, it's pretty cool, at least for the characters I play! In order to be able to get it, you'll need to earn 2000 PvP rating in any PvP bracket, and with this, you'll also earn the Demonic Elite achievement!

10. Ashran and Strand of the Ancients

Both Ashran and Strand of the Ancients will be removed in BfA, so if you have any achievements yet to be earned in any of them, now's the time to get them done, as they'll be turned into Feats of Strength once patch 8.0 hits.

Bonus - Gold Farming

And here's the last one, as a bonus for reading this far - gold farming! Yup, I know, it's on everyone's "to do" list, but this will make your life so much easier in BfA, with the amount of new recipes and mats! The more gold you have going into BfA, the more gold you'll be able to make, as you'll have plenty to invest with, especially considering the wave of underpriced auctions on some items before their real value is known. Furthermore, if you plan to buy WoW gold, you should be doing it sooner rather than later, as gold price will only increase the closer we get to BfA! More so, if you want to impress your friends and guildies, you'll need 5 million gold flat to be able to purchase the new Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount, and show it off around!

Wrapping it up

Be careful though, as time before BfA shortens, a lot of players find themselves running out of time to earn everything, and trying to get the first deal they can get from various places, and sometimes that can lead to your account getting hacked or banned. If somehow this happens to you and you end up banned, you can request the help of a WoW account unban service rather than contacting Support yourself, as they have a lot more experience and have seen these kinds of things happening before. So this is it, the list of 10 things to do before WoW BfA launches, and whether you're a mount collector, achievement hunter, pet battler or a gold goblin, wait no more and get right to it!

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