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  • Leak: WoW TBC Classic Beta in Mid-February and Release on May 4th
    By Shirley Huang2021-01-05 00:00:00

    After the last raid Naxxramas of wow classic was released in Dec, 2020, players are beginning to look forward to what comes next. The Burning Crusade expansion has to be the inevitable next step, and it will be the next major expansion to World of Warcraft Classic, so a lot of wow classic fans are concerned about this new expansion's release date.


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    If a recent rumored leak is any indication, Blizzard is already moving in that direction.

    Nano (a former member of Nostalrius) said before: "TBC Beta will come in March 21, and there may be a chance of A TBC launch after that". 

    He updated the information in his twitter.

    The TBC news is coming folks. Hold on to your butts, make sure you’re following all your favorite Classic streamers and stay safe out there...

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    Now WoW youtubers are claiming that it will come sooner than anyone expected.

    WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade (TBC) will be released on May 4th with a Beta kicking off in Mid-February.



    The leak was covered by World of Warcraft streamer and Youtuber Staysafe, who claims that multiple sources have confirmed that this new information is indeed legit.

    TBC Beta – Mid February. TBC 2.0 Prepatch earmarked for April 13th/14th (US/EU).
    TBC release date earmarked for May 4th Global Release (meaning May 3rd 6pm US ESY)


    “Here's the information and the leak exactly as it was sent to me. I saw it posted on the classical fan forum and same exact wording and same exact punctuation, so it might have been the same person, but anyway TBC beta in mid-February, TBC 2.0 pre-patch earmarked for April 13th and 14th us eu. TBC release date year marked for May 4th global release. Here are my general thoughts on this timeline before we start really breaking this down. Honestly this timeline is much faster tha n we expected. I was sort of thinking we'd be playing TBC in june or july 2021, but I'm really really happy to see that this is the timeline if this leak ends up being true and confirmed.”




    WoW streaming star Asmongold shared his opinion:“


    I ran a confirmation by who I would consider to be a very trusted source. I asked him about it and he confirmed it as well. now I'm always super cautious with doing content like this, but I actually do genuinely think that this leak is right on the money based on the forum post that I just talked about the trustworthy source. I confirmed it by posts on Nano's twitter. He is a trustworthy guy. Now it seems like that this information is starting to float around based off all this stuff, but as always there is a chance that this isn't true, so use your own judgment and come to your conclusions.”


    The leak also mentions that a 2.0 pre-patch is slated for releasing in April, although it seems unlikely at this point that Blizzard will release progressive patches for TBC. It's more likely that the pre-patch will include the talents and spells introduced with patch 2.4.3 alongside the new Burning crusade races and level 60 arena content.


    News of a Pre-patch means that in some way, we'll see existing realms progressing from WoW Classic to TBC. If players want to keep their character as WoW Classic, they only need an option to copy/move it to a non-progressing realm.


    Of course, this is merely a rumor at this point and a classic TBC server hasn't even been announced just yet.



    We have to wait and see what will happen in the months ahead, but here's hoping to relive those cheerful TBC days from 2007.


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