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  • 10 Deadly Combos in WoW Classic
    By Shirley Huang2020-08-14 00:00:00

    There are some deadly combos in the game where he combines spells and trinkets together to make your enemies drop within the blink of an eye. This is one of the reasons why the wow is so enjoyable and in classic things are no different. Here would like to share with you this guide that from this player Hamsterwheel. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

    Today we are going to check out ten of those combos. Before we start I’d like to say that I’ll be mostly going over combos, involves items and spells a certain class can use themselves and I won’t really add any extra consumables, as there are so many buffs and elixirs in classic wow and this might make any random combo or spells deadly. Let’s get started all right.



    The First Deadly Combo

    Blood Fury, Earthstrike, Stormstrike and Earth Shock

    Video WoW Classic Combo-1

    It's widely known that a wind fury proc can do a lot of damage. However if you are an orc, you can use your ratio Blood Fury which translates to around give or take 130 extra attack power at level 60. Now if you combine that with trinket, such as Earthstrike is a trinket that gives you another 280 attack power and makes it into a macro. You have in instant button that gives you a massive 410 attack power. Now if you’ve hit a target, wind fury procs and you’ve follow that right up with an earth shock, you are bound to do an absolute on a damage especially on cloth ease. Of course the fact that you need wind fury to make this combo really deadly, which means that there is some luck involved, but if it does proc, your enemy might drop, so his game client might be uninstalled in the process.


    The Second Deadly Combo

    Video WoW Classic Combo-2

    I have the pleasure of using on my main in classic and that is the Hunter’s Mark, Devilsaur Eye, Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot. Aimed Shot into multi-shot is a very popular combo amongst hunter as both of these can be used right after each other, so it’s a great burst combo that does a ton of damage, especially it is one of the abilities crits.

    If only aimed shot crits you are looking at give or taking 2000 plus damage, which in some cases may take away well over half someone's health poor, however, if you don't supply hunter’s mark to the target but also activate the hunter specific trinket called Devilsaur Eye. You're looking at a ton of extra attack, power and 2% hits, making it an even more ludicrous combo.

    I have the pleasure of using that combo in ultra valley with some luck, and an extra buff here. There I actually manage to one-shot, some claw theists that were left scratching their heads wondering how they dropped in a split of a second even if you know Chris at all. You're still looking at a hefty amount of burst damage that definitely deserve a spot in this list.


    The Third Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-3

    Next Combo is probably one of the most famous combos in the game and that involves the Arcane fire mage. It's time for the combo Arcane Power, Fireball, and then right afterwards an instant Pyroblast using Presence of Mind. All have a spell power trinket pops, this is one of the earliest one-shot macros in the game. There have been many pvp videos showing that particular combo and just how insanely powerful, it can be even pyroblast on its own, had the potential to instantly one-shot people, so the combination of a fireball beforehand would make an absolute killer of a combo, and you wouldn’t even need to have any insane gear to make this combo work, because a mate with some simple blues would still do massive amounts of damage with this combo. In fact, this set of spells worked so well that even in the burning crusade arcane fire and this combination of spells was still a very viable spec for pvp, which just goes to show how insanely powerful in the early stages of wow, however it’s frost counterpart is a little less popular and well known to people.


    The Fourth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-4

    This combo starts with getting 5 points in shatter, then using Frost Nova to traffic targets, and then

    Arcane Power, Spell Power Trinket, Presence of Mind, and one Frostbolt while not as popular as its fiery counterpart. It was still super deadly, basically the talents shatter gave you 50% exit critical a chance against targets that were frozen in place with frost Nova, so when you pop your macro, you're insanely powerful frostbolt had a minimum of give or take 55% chance to crit, and that’s without any quick chance from gear, so realistically your average frost mage with decent gear would have about 60% chance to create with that spell, and it did an absolute ton of damage to your target. If you knew your target wasn’t going to come out super quick, it was first used cone of cold, and then cast the instant frostbolt for even more damage. There is also multiple variations of this one including just going to the full frost, having the shatter talents, freezing your target in place, casting frostbolt followed with an instant cone of cold to have those two spells benefit from that 60% crit chance, but since this one is the most insane in terms of damage. I decided to mainly feature this combo, so not as well known as the pyroblast variation, but still awesome to use every three minutes.


    The Fifth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-5

    It is ambushed into Thistle Tea into Backstab, Cold Blood and then Eviscerate. I'll make an exception here, since it's a consumable that is only specific for the rogue class. The first time I saw this combo was during world of RO craft where a mute showed just how insanely quick you can kill. People with this combo and in some cases depending on the enemy player, you'll be able to take them from full health to death in a split second, so obviously I had to give it my own server as well and just look at the results. It's insane how powerful this combo is, when you can get ambushed to crits which will happen quite often. If you expect them to improve ambushed, so a definite killer of a combo that just had to be on this list up.


    The Sixth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-6

    Next one will be very familiar amongst all your warlocks out there and that is the succubus Soul Fire combo basically what you do is you have your succubus active and you seduce on your targets, and then add curse of elements. If you want to do even more damage to soul fire, you can pop your spell power trinket then soul fire, shadow fury right as the soul fire hits the target with the right gear. Sometimes you don't even need the shadow Fury as soul fire is so powerful that a good crit can mean an instant death of the player trying to kill. Of course this ability isn't a 100% guarantee that your target will be dead because neither of these crits a lawyer with a big health pool. For instance, he could probably survive this. Generally speaking, there's not a whole lot of people that can survive this even if just one ability Chris, it's a little tricky trying to get this off as it's very obvious to see when a warlock will try and do this, and many people will probably drink it out of this or use ice block or some other ways to escape this combo, so it's not very reliable. But when you happen to be in a situation where the other guy can't get out of it well, he's just basically waiting to die. Another cool thing is that Drake dog often used this way back in vanilla to smash alliance players and he was the inspiration for me, making the Warlock for them a private server to try that exact same combo needless to say it was a little harder as people were just a lot more terrible in PvP back, but when I did pull it off and the soul fire was a crit man was it satisfying and yes an absolute killer of a combo so time to go back and give shamans a bit more love this time however we're looking at their elemental counterpart the combo.


    The Seventh Combo

    wow classic combos-7

    I'm talking about is a spell power trinket into a Lightning Bolt into Chain Lightning and then Earth Shock. Now if you stand at the right distance and right time, your lightning bolt will finish traveling when your chain lightning is thrown at the target making both spells hit at the same time at an earth shock to that and even with zero spell damage and zero crits you're throwing out give or take 1,500 nature damage on your targets. Of course any good geared elemental shaman will have some all damage and a spell power trinket.


    The Eighth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-8

    Next combo is one where we're going to give balance druids a little love. I have a weak spot for balance druid, so I just have to throw one in here, but the combo itself can be quite deadly and that is using a spell power trinket, Starfire, and then Moonfire. While Moon Kings aren't really the greatest in terms of consistent damage, their starfire ability can hit quite hard with some decent gear and a spell power trinket. If you have 5 points and improved Starfire, you also have 15% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds because you use moonfire right after that you also benefit from the 10% increased critical strike chance from improved moon fire, so basically with a little luck.


    The Ninth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-9

    If you combine with the Diamond Flask and Bloods Fury, you're potentially looking at a ton of extra damage over your normal Execute, making it even more deadly. So why I just had to put that on list as well, and then we arrive at the last killer combo which is going to be a bit of an unusual extra, so that involves the priests class.


    The Tenth Deadly Combo

    wow classic combos-10

    The combo I'm talking about is Power Infusion, a spell power trinket Inner Focus and then either Smite or Holy Fire. Well this combo definitely isn't something you come across every day. Obviously it's not going to come close to what an Arcane Fire mage or elemental shaman can do, but if you look at the damage, it can definitely take away a nice chunk of an enemy's health especially Smite is only a two second cast, if you have the ability to dish out, a few smites while having this popped chances to drop your targets health by a pretty big chunk. Because I love the whole idea of a smite priest, I decided to throw this in here. Maybe someone might look at this and be inspired enough to give this type of damage in dungeons and battlegrounds.


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