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WoW TBC Classic Fresh 70 Guide

Leveling in WoW TBC Classic is not quite difficult as the 1-60 journey in WoW Classic, but it is still not an easy thing to do. The fastest players may hit Level 70 in under 24 hours, but most players need two or more days of playtime. Then the next question would be: what to do next after we reached level 70. Here MmoGah.com would like to share some important tips with you.



Flying wasn't available in WoW Classic, but once you hit level 70 in TBC Classic, you will quickly be able to take to the sky as long as you have the proper amount of WoW Classic TBC gold.


There are two speeds of flying trainable at level 70: 60% speed (Regular mounts) and 280% speed (Swift mounts). 60% speed makes you feel like you're in a line at the Country Kitchen Buffet, such as seriously bar and some unfriendly terrain areas. It's actually faster to use a 100% speed ground mount to get that 280% speed mount, which is the single most important goal for you when reaching level 70 because it can allow you to do everything else faster - you can farm Classic TBC gold faster, level your gathering skills faster, and get to your dungeons & raids faster.


tbc classic fresh 70-1


At the very minimum, 60% speed training is required to reach some dungeons, which need to attune to the raids in the expansion. The only problem is the cost of 60% and 280% speed. If you are training for Rare flying mounts (60% speed), Riding Skill costs 800 gold, and a ground mount costs 100 gold, so you will need a total of 900 gold, but if you are training for Epic flying mounts, Riding Skill costs 5000 gold, and a ground mount costs 200 gold, so you will then need a total of 5200 gold.


tbc classic fresh 70-2


Speaking of which, there are a lot of ways of making TBC Classic gold. Professions are going to be extremely good, either selling powerful crafted pieces or the materials to make them, including the base stuff, such as herbs and skins. There are some mob spots where you can farm as well. The Elemental Plateau is a pretty popular one, but you will need 60% speed or something to get there. It is located in Northern Nagrand, and you'll find Elementals wandering about and have a good chance to drop Elemental Motes, so you can combine them into Primals that are used for many high-level crafted items in the game.


You'd better get yourself a Riding Crop. This is a craftable trinket made by leatherworkers that can increase your amount speed by 10%, and it's fine & equipped, so you don't need to be a leatherworker to use it, and you can just buy it from AH or find someone to make it for you. It does make quite a big difference, especially if you have Mining, Herbalism, or you can use Engineering's Mote Extractor to farm.



Get your professions leveled. Professions are so important in TBC, and I can't stress them enough. Professions have the best gear in the game through multiple phases. If you are still undecided in your professions, you can click my TBC Classic profession picking guides, which go over each profession to point you in the right direction. All in all, professions are so crucial in character progression and gold making in TBC.



The raiding in the Burning Crusade expansion is unique in the fact that many of the raids are locked behind lengthy attunement quests. To attune to the Black Temple, you need to attune it on a high gel and attune to the Eye & Serpentshrine. To attune to the Tempest Keep, you need to grind Heroic Dungeons, which requires revered reputations with the five main factions in TBC. As a bonus, these factions also have good gear and professional recipes for fresh level 70 that a lot of people forget about, but it's a huge and massive process. All of these raids are pretty important, so grinding raids should be one of your main activities as soon as you hit level 70.



It's a good idea to farm your badges from these rocks and in the later phase Karazhan. You'll get these Badges of Justice and spend these at one of the Wind Chimes in Shattrath for some really nice early-level epics. This is one of the best ways to fill in your character and target actual gear slots. Don't forget about the Heroic Dungeon Daily also in Shattrath right outside. The bar will be an Ethereal who offers you a quest to bring back an item from a random heroic boss for two more badges daily, so this will be one of the key methods in progressing your character shortly after hitting level 70.


tbc classic fresh 70-3


PvP System

PvP system got big changes in TBC. Honor is an actual currency that you earn and spend on vendors, and all of this gear no longer requires any sort of rating to obtain as soon as you get the points and marks. There's also a new Eye of the Storm battleground that you can unlock at level 70. You can participate in Arena PvP System competitions with your Arena team. As long as you play 10 matches, you can get a certain amount of currency called Arena Points. The higher rating you are, the bigger bracket that you fight in, the more Arena Points you will get. You can spend these points on higher-level gear, so for PvP players, this is all pretty straightforward as its main endgame activity is related to PvE players as well. Although this gear isn't optimal because it does have resilience, which is a PvP stat, it can still be used to fill in certain slots.


Side Reputations

I will talk about non-attunement reputations. There are a few more optional reputations in TBC that you might be interested in. The Netherwing is probably the most popular one and is located in the Shadowmoon. Following a quest chain, daily quests, and egg hunting, you can purchase your own Netherdrake to separate yourself from all of the peasants. Using Griffins and Wyverns, you can start the quest chain for them.


I am an NPC (Non-Player Character), wandering about the Netherwing fields in the Shadowmoon valley zone. The Aldor and Scryer are very important factions in TBC, and most people will pick one when they are leveling, so you can unlock different quests, hubs, items, and enchants. You essentially lock out the other as Raid Reputation with one will decrease the other one, so you can switch it later on, but it will cost you a lot of time, so you should know which one is the best at first. It depends on your class, spec, and profession.


All the content of this article is quoted from MadSeasonShow's video.



For more guides related to TBC, please pay attention to TBC Classic news page on MmoGah, which is also one of the best sites to buy WoW Classic TBC gold as well as WoW Classic gold (LvL 60).



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