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WoW TBC Classic Leveling Guide

Welcome to our WoW TBC Classic Leveling Guide. This guide is intended to unlock heroic dungeons, grind mobs and reach level 70 as fast as possible during the madness of WoW Classic TBC's launch week. All the content of this article is quoted from a playe - Biosparks TV's video.



Leveling Dungeons

Here is a list of the condensed root of dungeons and the minimum number of runs you need for your reputations.


1. Blood Furnace (level 60-61) ~ 12 runs to get honor points

2. Slave Pens (level 61-63) ~ 10 runs to get honor points

3. Mana Tombs (level 63-66) ~ 9 runs to get honor points

4. Sethekk Halls (level 66-68) ~ 8 runs to get honor points

5. Pick up Karazhan Attunement Chain (level 68)

6. Old Hillsbrad Foothills (level 68) ~ 1 run to get honor points

7. Black Morass (level 68-70) ~ 18 runs to get Revered Reputation

8. Shadow Labyrinth (level 68-70) ~ 6 runs to get Revered Reputation (Key Fragment)

9. Steamvault (level 68-70) ~ 7 runs to get Revered Reputation (Key Fragment)

10. Shattered Halls (level 68-70) ~ 8 runs to get Revered Reputation (Kill Smith Gorlunk)

11. Flying Mounts

12. Arcatraz Key Quest Chain > Mechanar > Botanica > Arcatraz (Key Fragment)

13. Black Morass (Karazhan Key)


tbc classic leveling-1


Grinding Mobs

There are a few reasons why players prefer to grind mobs:

1. Some players may not have access to a 5-man group when they need one, so this is a solid choice.

2. If players can't find 4 other players to team up with, they will prefer a solo leveling experience.

3. The 30 dungeon cap will be active after TBC launches, and players can grind mobs during the cooldowns.


You can follow these tips to grind more mobs:

1. Grinding as many mobs as possible and ignoring all quests

2. Visiting the towns regularly to repair and stock up on food & water

3. Hopping between layers regularly if other players arrive

4. Getting to level 64 as soon as possible


Leveling 61-63

There are a few good spots in outland, which are great to farm experiences, especially if you can get to them with no competitors.


The first spot is Terokkar Forest. You'd better not go to Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmash since these two spots are going to be massively overpopulated during the launch week of TBC classic. You'd better grind the Blood Furnace to reach level 61, but if you're playing a class that is able to kill mobs or you have good gear, then you can still come here at level 60 as soon as you get through the Dark Portal.


tbc classic leveling-2


Another two spots are Veil Reskk and Raastok Glade. Many Arakkoa throughout these two spots, so you can get bonuses from them. Tyrone can also be used as an option, but there aren't many mobs concentrated. There are also a few higher-level mobs in the town, but it can be risky. If you want to pull them, you should go to Shattrath City & Stonebreaker Hold for the horde or Lyrium for the alliance to repair and restock supplies.


Leveling 62-64

From level 62 to 64, you can branch out to Firewing Point. There are lots of mobs concentrated together, which will provide a steady stream of experiences and drops. Bear in mind that Blood Elves can also drop Firewing Signets, and they can be useful to keep, or you can sell them if you want to gain reputations.



Leveling 64-67

From level 64 to 67, you can get access to the perfect grinding spots in outland. The fortress is on the border of the grand, from which you can find an abundance of mobs. It will be quite difficult to clear everything before they start respawning, and you can jump to a different layer. Mobs patrol around the fortress. The watchtowers, buildings, and wolf kennels are the spots where you can start grinding and taking advantage of all available experiences. These mobs can drop Mark of Kil'jaeden that can be useful to outdoor players, and players can sell them off.


The alliance players are close to Telaar Town, so they can render, restock and repair supplies. The horde players will have to travel a bit further to the Garadar or visit the Pilot Martial at the Nesingwary Camp.


Leveling 67-69

Once you get to level 67, you can head over to another spot. This spot is Manaforge B'naar and absolutely full of mobs that can drop Sunfury Signets. They can be collected and turned into Scryers for reputations.


What makes this spot so amazing? The reason is that it has a high density of mobs, and Area 52 is next to it. The Area 52 has everything you need, such as vendors, repairs, and restocking. It even has an available bank, making the space in your bag much more manageable, and reduces the time of grinding mobs.


Leveling 69-70

Once you reach level 69, you can finish in another spot - Manaforge Duro. It is densely packed with mobs that also drop Sunfury Signets. The Cosmowrench town is also next to it, which has a flight path linked to Area 52, so it's a very effective place to grind quests. You can stay here indefinitely up to level 70 since you can get a lot of available experiences.


Here's a list of spots, and you can use it as a reference

1. Leveling 60-61  The Blood Furnace or skip to Terokkar Forest

2. Leveling 61-63  Veil Reskk & Raastok Glade (Terokkar Forest)

3. Leveling 62-64  Firewing Point & Bonechewer Runs (Terokkar Forest)

4. Leveling 64-67  Kil'sorrow Fortress (Nagrand)

5. Leveling 67-69  Manaforge B'naar (Netherstorm)


Lastly, we hope that this guide is helpful for you. If you want to learn more classic TBC guides or news, please visit our site: MmoGah.com. Of course, you can buy WoW classic gold to strengthen your weapons now. When WoW classic TBC releases, you can also farm WoW TBC classic gold by yourself or buy WoW Classic TBC gold from MmoGah directly to enjoy your game.


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