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WoW Classic TBC Dungeon Guide: Mana-Tombs

Dungeons are instances in TBC Classic that accommodate a party of 5 people. They are starting at level 10 and spreading through all level ranges all the way to level 70. You don't have to compete against anyone else for kills, and you can earn lots of experience points & some powerful loots. What's more, you can run a dungeon as many times as you want, so it's a very efficient way of leveling up.


Mana-Tombs is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Terokkar Forest on the continent of Outland in the game. It ranges from level 64 to 66 on Normal Mode and Level 70 on Heroic Mode. There are many mobs or bosses that are located inside this dungeon. Today we will go over all the mobs or bosses' abilities and mechanics that you will encounter so that you can be successful in this dungeon.




The first mob you will encounter is Ethereal Scavenger, which is an incredibly annoying mob. Scavenger has Strike and Singe ability that just does damage, but most importantly, it has Shield Bash ability. If you're a healer or caster and standing within range of these Scavengers, they will deliberately leave the tank, Shield Bash you, block you out of a magic school, and interrupt the spell being cast for a whopping eight seconds. If you're a healer, just make sure you are very far away from these mobs, as it can easily lead to a wipe.


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Crypt Raider

Crypt Raiders behave like Warriors. They will attack the furthest member of the group, and their main ability is Soul Strike, which is just a cool-sounding Mortal Strike. They can deal damage and reduce the healing effect by 50%.



Sorcerer is a slow caster that lowers attack speed, movement speed, and Arcane Missiles. If you don't kill this mob fast enough, it will summon two Arcane Fiends that can cast an AoE Arcane Explosion and Counterspell onto casters, so just make sure you focus them on the unsummoned Arcane Fiends.


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Now it's time to face Pandemonius, which only has two abilities. Dark Shell is a sort of banishing effect. After casting one second, Pandemonius will turn, and all Ghosts are active. All Spells cast on Pandemonius will be reflected, and every melee attacker will take damage. In Heroic mode, this damage will be doubled.


Void Blast is casting on players within 40 yards of Pandemonius, making damage and a knockback. Because of this, one strategy is to tank this boss with your back to a wall so that this ability cannot be avoided by a line of sight, but it can be outraged and resisted. Before engaging Pandemonius, make sure every Ethereal is killed as it will aggro with the boss. There are two strategies: if you are well geared and can handle the damage, you can put the tank back to the rock slab in the middle of the room, make the melee attack, and Void Blast. When Void Blast is cast, all the range should try to minimize the damage.



Once Pandemonius is dead, you can move into the next room, and you'll face some of the same Ethereals with the addition of Ethereal Priests. They are healers who will use Holy Nova and Power Word: Shield. You should be aware of when those heals are going out and give them a swift kick in the same room.


Mana Leech

This dungeon was named Mana-Tombs because this is where your mana comes to die. Mana Leeches are nasty little mobs. They are non-elites, come in packs, and own weak melee damage, but when they die, they will make an Arcane Explosion. On top of that, when your team members have more than one within melee range, they will get pissed off, start using the Arcane Explosion, and cast a Mana Burn that can burn a hefty amount of mana from the target.


Nexus Terror

Nexus Terrors are like mini Pandemoniuses, and their melee attacks make Shadow damage, so they won't be mitigated by armors. A Curse of Impotence lessens the magical damage dealt by the target, and Shadows Embrace silences the target for six seconds and reduces physical damage by 50%. In Normal mode, these mobs will use Psychic Scream. If you don't have the ability to get rid of fear, you should get away from them. In Heroic mode, this Psychic Scream will change to Death Coil.


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The next trash mob you will encounter is the single worst mob in the instance - the Ethereal Darkcaster. If one of these Mana Burns doesn't get interrupted, it will lead to a wipe by 50%. It will make a healer go completely, so you should prioritize this mob and interrupt it. It will also use Shadow Word: Pain and Shadowform, finish Ethereals in this room, and you'll encounter Tavarok.



It has three abilities: Earthquake, Crystal Prison, and Arcing Smash.

1. Earthquake deals about 100% damage every second within 35 yards of it.


2. Crystal Prison will be cast on a random player, stunning him and dealing damage equal to 10% of the target's life, so the map comes out to 50% of your total health and damage.


3. Arcing Smash is a frontal cleave that hits the target for 125% weapon damage.



Once Tavarok is dead, you will encounter three new trash mobs before the final boss. They are Stalkers, Spellbinders, and Theurgist. The Stalker just likes Rogue, using Ghostly Strike and gouging its main target. When the tank is Gouged, this mob will attack the tank and switch to another player, so just be ready for some heavy incoming damage on the DPS dealers or the healers.


All the content of this article is quoted from AmmeTV's video.




Ethereal Spellbinder is like Warlock, using Immolate Spell and summoning Mana Race that uses Shadow Bolt. It will also use a Counterspell that locks Spellcasting for 3 seconds.



Theurgist will use Blast Wave, inflicting fire damage to nearby enemies and reducing movement speed, and it will produce Polymorph randomly, which can be deadly if you don't have dispellers or it decides to transform the healer.


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Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Now, you are ready to face the final boss - Nexus-Prince Shaffar. This fight is relatively easy if you do the mechanics correctly. It has four abilities, but not very important. It has a melee attack, which is very weak, and will mainly use Fireball and Frostbolt as its main sources of damage, sometimes it will cast frost nova and blink away, so if you have a magic dispeller, be ready to dispel this so that the tank can get back into melee range. At the start of the fight, the prince will be surrounded by Ethereal Beacon, and this is the most important part of the fight. The tank will pick up the prince while the group focuses on the Beacon.



At the end of the Heroic mode, you can summon Yor once you complete the quest - The Mark of the Nexus-King. This fight is legit, nothing special at all, and probably it is one of the easiest Heroic bosses in the game. Just get it away from the party and enjoy your free loot.



Thank you for reading this guide with patience. If you want to learn more TBC Classic guides, welcome to visit MmoGah.com, and you can also purchase WoW TBC gold or Classic WoW gold from us whenever you need any of them.





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