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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Class Picking Guide: Part Two

Last time we have introduced wow tbc classic class guide: part one. Today we continue introducing wow classic tbc class picking guide: part two.  



This is a real player MadSeasonShow's video. From this video, you can learn the classes change from the vanilla to the burning crusade expansion. All the content is quoted from his video.




wow classic tbc class-1


The first class on our list that's capable of dps tanking and healing is the Druid. The masters of nature, they have the ability to shapeshift into different animal forms to suit their needs. They borrow a little bit from every class. Their tank form is bare operates on the warrior’s rage system. Their cat form is for dps operates on the energy and combo point system which you'll see soon in the rogue section, and aside from this, they hold a variety of crucial supportive buffs and abilities. This is still the only class with the ability to resurrect teammates in the midst of combat and its healing style is unique because it's focused primarily on the heel over time effects. The Feral Tree is dual purpose holding talents that increase both their tanking and dps capabilities, a benefit from this is that they can switch between both on the fly restoration holds a variety of buffs to make you more powerful healer imbalance, on the other hand, a spell caster tree can provide boons to arcane and nature damaging spells, even holding its own animal form to improve them further in vanilla.


It is seen to be one of the weakest classes overall in a community that's obsessed with min-maxing a class that can do everything, but isn't the best at all, made them into one of the least represented classes in the game, however, this changes in the burning crusade as they become unrivaled in very important aspects, whether it is in the realm of tanking dps or healing pve or pvp.


Multiple classes could have healed overtime on a target in the burning crusade. This is true for any class with hots, but I felt it most appropriate to mention in the druid category, after all that's their whole niche, they're the heal over time class, so removing this restriction alone was huge for all classes.


Improved Faerie Fire can increase the chance that the target will be hit by both physical and spells by 3%, earl druids get Mangled both for bear and cat form, the bear form, deals damage and costs rage, the cat form costs energy and awards balance, due to their increased mana regeneration & damage is made to be more competitive with other classes, you won't be topping the meters, but they do hold their own raids that will often bring a balanced Druid for their support alone. The ultra dps is tricky because it's completely dependent on the player.


Overall the Druid will 100% be the class that sees the biggest increase going from vanilla to bc. One of the least played classes to one of the most played classes, surely as the jack of all trades master of nun design turned into a jack of all trades pretty damn good at all.



 wow classic tbc class-2


The next class on our list is the Rogue, another melee class that holds a bit more decorum than the aforementioned Warrior one of two classes with stealth. They have the advantage of picking their fights and combined with the wide arsenal of devastating bursty attacks and cooldowns. They can take people out before they even have time to react and they operate on the energy system which generates over time, and also the combo point system. Some abilities generate combo points up to a maximum of five, and other more powerful abilities called finishers consume. These combo points for high damage or powerful buffs, they're a dual-wielding class preferring daggers, maces, or swords coating them with several different poisons that damage and those on the receiving end.


They're a very calculated class control would be the best word to describe them, and they're just as vanilla counterparts. In fact, assassination is a tree that focuses on improving your poisons, burst damage, and highlights the use of daggers whereas combat is more of a swashbuckling in your face. Raw damage style not as subtle as the other specializations, but it gets the job done, and lastly subtlety improves your stealth capabilities and gives even more control to a class, that's already the master of control.


Deadly Throw is a new combo point spender, dealing some light damage at range and also slowing the target by 50% for six seconds.


We have Envenom which is another finisher that consumes doses of Deadly Poison equal to the number of combo points on your target applying instant poison, and dealing some heavy damage.


Anesthetic Poison is basically a weaker version of instant poison that causes no additional threat. Shiv is an offhand attack that instantly applies poison that's attached to your offend weapon, a nice way of reducing the rng from vanilla of poisons just refusing to proc, sometimes and lastly for baseline is the Cloak of Shadows which has a 90% chance to remove and make you immune to all spell effects for 5 seconds at one-minute cooldown, making them even more dangerous to casters assassination rogues get Mutilated which deals damage with both weapons awarding 2 combo points and with a damage buff to poisoned targets, and subtlety gets Shadow Step which upon uses teleports behind your enemy, gives you movement speed increased damage and reduces threat at a 30 seconds cooldown. They run into metal still requires you to be behind your target in bc, which gives them a strict positional requirement in an expansion. That's already unfriendly to melee. It certainly doesn't help, but it does have its place just like all of these specializations.


Overall the Rogue will be a very popular choice in burning crusade as it is in vanilla, one of the deadliest in pvp due to their control, they fit with many teams and still compete for the top in pve at least in later tiers, so they'll be very prolific throughout this expansion.



wow classic tbc class-3 


Put your faith in the light, Paladin is the cousin of the Warrior, primarily a melee class. This heavily armored crusader employs the aid of holy magic to heal allies exercise foes and bolster themselves. This heavy class providing a wide variety of buffs called Blessing of Wisdom. Places a blessing on the friendly target, restoring 12 mana every 5 seconds for 10 minutes. Players may only have one blessing on them per Paladin at any one time.  


Whatever situation that they're in, they also operate on the unique seal system. These provide unique augments to the paladin's attacks and upon using the judgment spell are consumed for other unique effects. For example, this one returns mana when the paladin swings and if you judge it, it copies that effect to everyone who hits that target and the same is also true with the seal of light counterpart. They're the only class other than the Druid that is capable of all three combat roles. The holy tree improves paladin's healing capability whereas the retribution specialization focuses more on offense with buffs, and abilities to dish out some divine justice and protection as you would imagine are the tanking trees providing a wide variety of defensive buffs, and threat generation improvements, this has been the design since the game's inception in vanilla, but many players have been disappointed to learn that it's primarily the holy paladin that was in demand protection paladins, unfortunately suffering from mana issues, and lack of a ton that stops them from shining in the tank roll, and retribution simply a lack of damage. These weaknesses have been addressed, and you have some options.


Another big problem with vanilla paladin tanks is that they don't have a ranged spell. Any prod paladin will be familiar with these items candles that you farm off of level 5 cobalt because you are simply lacking a ranged ability for pulling in vanilla, these bounces between a few targets and dazes them, and just begs for a macro tied to it, referencing captain America in some ways. Lastly, we have crusader strike for retribution paladin an instant cast melee ability that refreshes. All judgments retribution paladins are very stagnant in vanilla, aside from judging you sort of auto-attack and a little bit of heart go a long way, their prowess in many aspects in the burning crusade is unrivaled. The specialization focuses on improving your spell casting restoration, improving your healing. Keep your allies from harm and enhancement, although they still take advantage of their wide variety of Spells.




wow classic tbc class-4 


It's more of a melee dps centric tree preferring a dual-wielding playstyle with quick flurries of burst, this expansion changed Shamans forever with the introduction of bloodlust, and heroism which increases the attack and casting speed of all party members by 30% for 40 seconds at 10 minutes cooldown. This class is defining ability at the time, affected only themselves and their party members, but also had no exhaustion effect tied to it. The spell alone makes an extremely powerful in the raiding scene and combines with its totems. They remain to be the kings of support in pvp, many people are surprised to learn that. It works in the arena in bc which is insane. I think it was a cataclysm, they did away with a lot of the long cool dancing arena. The new spells you get other than totems, the fire elemental, and earth elemental totems make their first appearance. The fire elemental dishes out, some heavy aoe damage, and earth is designed for pulling threat and tanking the wrath of air totem that is another party buff which increases spell damage and healing of party members.


Water shield is a new shield that increases mana regeneration and restores mana on hit, such as a lightning shield that is only usable on yourself, a nice quality of life spell is a  totemic call which instantly recalls all totems and refunds a bit of mana in vanilla. When moving through a dungeon with patrols shamans always had to be careful of not leaving a straight totem behind to pull something by accident.


Now you're clear with a simple click elemental shamans get to play with a new totem called Totem of Wrath which is a 3% crit and hit buff to all spell caster party members, they also receive a big upgrade in the form of mana regeneration. One of their biggest weaknesses in classic is that they just burn through mana too quickly with few ways to regenerate it, much like balanced Druids, they get access to a talent that increases their mana regeneration based on their intellect stat enhancement and gets shamanistic rage which reduces damage taken, and also gives your melee hits a chance to regenerate mana equal to a portion of your attack power. I think enhancement takes a bit of time to ramp up, but the shaman as a class is always in high demand. Shaman of any spec are great since again bloodlust & heroism work in the arena, and you also have windfury totem grounding and much more great support, so no matter the spec they have huge value from that alone speaking strictly elemental here.



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