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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Class Picking Guide: Part One

The Rumor about a potential start date for the legendary Burning Crusade expansion in Classic WoW has started to appear.



Nano said: "

I have had a second source confirmed that the plan for The Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) Beta Launching in March 2021, and it may be sooner than we expected.”


But there is no official confirmation from Blizzard on this rumored release date so far. Although Blizzard has not made a formal announcement, they have sent players email surveys asking how such an expansion would be rolled out for around three months.


wow classic tbc class-1


Many players can't wait to jump into the Burning Crusade Classic. MmoGah.com, as a reliable wow classic gold seller, would like to share TBC classes picking guide with fans.


This video guide is from MadSeasonShow, and he shares all classes' advantage and disadvantage, and how they change from the vanilla state of the game to the burning crusade expansion. All the content is quoted from his video.



The burning crusade is coming and maybe you are undecided about your main class. I'm sure many of you have played vanilla classic. Of course, you know that the classic wow classes are much more clear-cut. You can be a tank, the best healer, best dps warrior, or smallest wiener size mage, or you can pick a warrior, or roll the priest. I'll tell you right now, though it'll be a tougher choice, these classes all have roles as they do in vanilla, but it's not as extreme and the disparities between them are lessened now.



wow classic tbc class-2 


The hunter is the master of the wilds and isn't shy of exploring the unknown of the outland. Of course with the trusty companion by their side. As you'd expect they have a focus on dealing out range damage and that's where they're the most comfortable, but they can hold their own face to face, they're one of two classes to have direct control over a companion pet with hundreds of families or variations to tame out in the wild, and aside from their powerful ranged attacks, they have a selection of traps to damage slow weaken, or otherwise debilitate anyone or anything unfortunate enough to spring them. They're arguably the masters of kiting in the burning crusade and fighting against them is like chasing.


The beast mastery tree focuses on improving the combat capabilities of your pet and is far more powerful in the expansion, marksmanship holds powerful ranged attacks and survival aptly named increases your survivability and also utility, and support to teammates. They received some updates to core functionality. They have a minimum range and of course there is a maximum range to your melee abilities, so you have this gap where you can't melee nor shoot. This is called the dead zone and keeping enemies out of it is delicate, and difficult to do in the burning crusade, however, it's removed since the minimum range for the shooting has been drastically reduced giving them much more freedom than their vanilla counterparts traps that are usable in combat which is huge.




War never changes but on the other hand warrior is quite a bit in the burning crusade. There's still the plate wearing juggernauts, it just feels good to hit things. The warrior class is pretty unneeded, they're the most straightforward archetype in any RPG, you can wear heavy armor wield, big weapons, and beat people into a pulp until they rage. If you're new to the game though in world of warcraft, they operate on the rage system as you hit enemies and get hit by them, and you can use this resource to power many melee attacks. What weapons you use and how you use them, however, depends on your specialization.


The arms tree remains to be their pvp tree with the focus on improving their two-handed capabilities as well as some debilitating effects for pvp. Although they do become valuable in pve, and go for those who prefer pve content and protection. Warriors are often seen to hold the crown of being the best single target tank with your wide variety, a defensive base cool dents for ability roll call. First up we have victory rush anytime, you score a killing blow and you get some free rageless damage to keep the kill streak going, but do note that this is before it healed them in any way warrior mobility sees an overall upgrade with the addition of the intervene spell which allows you to charge towards an ally, and take the damage & effect of the next hostile action towards them.



The masters of hurricane frost and fire mobility crowd control damage utility defense aoe single target. The mage seems to adapt to any situation. Don't take a mage they suck the spellcaster archetype is as old as the fantasy genre in the wow classic, they have a focus on three schools of magic fire frost & arcane, and each has its own unique effect, play style and aside from being heavy damage dealer. They also bring great support to allies through the use of buffs crowd control effects conjured food & water, portals to major cities, and throughout vanilla, due to all of this they are one of the most prolific classes whether you choose to control & freeze your enemies through the pvp-oriented frost tree or nuke through raids and the power of fire, they just always seem to be amazing in any expansion for both pve and pvp, and the same is true for the burning crusade. Spell steal will take a beneficial magic effect on an enemy and put it on yourself for two minutes maximum no cooldown this turns mages into super dispellers.



 wow classic tbc class-4


The power of Priest compels you to like this video if you're enjoying it. The first healer on our list has to be the priest instead of weeping spells of frost fire and arcane to tear apart enemies. They hold a wide variety of holy spells to replenish allies, they're not left defenseless though and have a selection of offensive holy and shadow spells to protect themselves. They have the reputation of having the most diverse to take it out of any healer absorbs, heals over time group, heals quick heals big heals and powerful buffs, making them adapt to any situation. Don’t forget those who dabble in the dark side and weave spells of shadow instead of healing a mixture of damage over time effects debuffs and bursty damage spells makes them quite dangerous in pve and pvp.


It has the first new ability on our list removing one beneficial magic effect from enemies and one harmful magic effect on allies within a large radius even being strong enough to pop immunities. Now baseline for every priest of both factions, making the target immune to the next fierce spell. This was seen to be too important to be restricted to just one race, so I guess screw you to all of the dwarfs out there, prayer of mending is a buff that you apply to a target and upon that target taking damage. They're instantly healed and the spell bounces to another raid member at random up to a maximum of five times. Binding heal is a low threat flash heal for yourself and your target having quite a high mana cost and shadow feed makes its debut when you summon a shadow fiend to attack your target and it restores mana to the priest with each hit.



 wow classic tbc class-5


The Warlock has gained the reputation of being extremely powerful in the burning crusade, in particular, whereas the shadow priest merely adopted the darkness, every spell in the repertoire is the shadow magic school, and its uses vary wildly, whether it's straightforward damage from the hard cast shadow bolt your extensive arsenal of damage over time, effects debilitating curses a wide variety of demons at its command, or even supportive spells.


The Warlock is a great combination of support and damages the reflection tree focus on improving their curses & debilitating effects. With more focus and damage over time, spells to give their enemies slow but steady death demonology, as the name suggests, improves the various demons that you have at your disposal and destruction for going utility, and defense for all-out damage.


One of the many classes can't specialize in the game and they could really dish it out. Not only they are retaining that great utility, but also they're nuking machines in pve and juggernauts in pvp, and you'll see druids slash warlock so much that you'll want to vomit all over your keyboard. New spells are the seat of corruption, which deals some damage over time to a target and explodes for aoe damage. After that target takes a certain amount of damage, so a really strong aoe spell here. They also get a new armor called FEL armor, it's changed all over the place over the years, but in Burning Crusade (BC), it increases healing by 20 and increases your spell power similar to the mage table. The warlocks get the soul well, if you have two people help you summon drops a clickable soul well, that'll dispense health stones, so no more trading stones out one at a time.



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