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Top 10 Tips You Need to Know Before WoW Classic TBC

Today we're going to cover a number of extremely useful time saving tips to improve your quality of life when playing the wow classic TBC. If you don't learn all these tips, you're probably going to be kicking yourself at some points when you realize how much time you've wasted playing the game. You could have done something more efficiently before you jump into the TBC classic game.



This is a real player MetaGoblin's guide, and he shares the top 10 things you need to know before you play classic TBC. All the content is quoted from his video.



  • 1. Don't Focus on Getting to Level 70
  • Don't focus on getting to level 70. I know it sounds crazy but getting to level 70 shouldn't be your primary focus. When classic tbc releases, there's no point getting to level 70 and having no reputation farmed. You could have done it while you level it. Whenever I re-roll on a private server getting to level 70 is honestly a side goal, because you're gonna have to farm so much reputations level at level 70. Anyway you can kill two birds with one stone. You need to get all these reputations grinding up to unlock over here at dungeons and to get all of your achievements done, so you can do them at the same time.


  • 2. Farm Dungeons in Low Level

When you're low level, for instance, 60 to 65 dungeons, Hellfire Ramparts, blood furnace, slave pens and underbog will give you a decent amount of reputation, but when you get higher level, they stop giving you reputation well. It changes to give you one rep per kill which is incredibly inefficient, so it makes sense to simultaneously grind your experience up while also farming your reputation, you will only be able to benefit from reputation games of these dungeons up until honored and then you will have to move on to the higher level dungeon. 


For instance, shattered halls or steamvaults to get more rep, so when you get to honored then you should move on to a different dungeon, you should definitely save quests for later when there's no dungeon groups. I always do quests at last resort, because if you always do a dungeon group, you should do that. When you're level 70 with farming rep and then I normally grind quests when there's no dungeon groups going, so I'm always being very efficient with farming my rep, and obviously if you do quests and save them to level 70, you will actually gain more classic TBC gold from the quest rewards, which is really good.


3. Start Kara Attunement at Level 68

If you want to do karazhan achievement early, you may at level 70 into the Karazhan treatment which involves a few quests in deadwind pass, and then you have to do a total of five dungeons run, so again why not kill two birds with one stone while you're doing your karazana treatment, you can be simultaneously farming experience all the way from level 68 to 70. It's a very long quest line with a number of quests xp.  


wow classic tbc tips-2 

The dungeon quest xp is obviously always boosted, so the amount of xp you get is really large from doing the whole achievement quest line, and then every single dungeon might  have quests attached to that dungeon for even more experience, so you do actually end up doing a ridiculous amount of quests and doing a carousel achievement. If you did him at level 70, you'd be getting zero experience, you may as well do a level 68. The dungeon quests attached to these, as you know dungeons will also give really good gear.


Obviously you don't start with classic raiding gear, so what I do obviously is I do the karazhan tune at level 60 and by the time I'm done with a karazhan achievement.


wow classic tbc tips-3 


4. You Need 900g for Flying 

You will need a flying mount, so you need it to get inside of the dungeon Arcatraz for the Charizard achievement, so you basically cannot do karazhan tune without a flying mount unless you can get a warlock to summon. You'll also need it for the tempest keep raid, and all the dungeons attached to tempest keep, you'll also need it to attune for Serpentshrine Cavern(ssc), because you can't do ssc without doing cars. I need to kill nightbane and karazhan, so another thing you also need to unlock a daily quest. If you're going to farm all of your daily quests to get rid of really cool, flying mountains, and you want to go through that, you also need to do some particular group quests in shadowmoon valley and netherstorm which provide you pre-rape best in slot gear. I definitely recommend doing it.


5. Profession Meta Change

Engineering is no longer the king overpowered profession in classic tbc, and the professions are considerably more balanced. There's some exceptions to that obviously because Leatherworking is probably the most useful profession for raiding because of the drums of battle, it provides a little mini heroism of bloodlust for the entire group which is really useful. Most classes that can benefit from Leatherworking will be expected to get it for drums in more serious guilds, it may even be the case that all classes in that guild. Everyone in that guild will have to get Leatherworking for those drums which will be not so great. Moving on all the gear crafting professions blacksmithing tailoring everything, they are useful from start to finish of the expansion, they aren't very useful to get some pre-red deaths in slot gear.


As you know, new recipes come out with the new raid tiers, so basically the profession gear upgrades as it goes along some pre-read best and slot craftable gear will last two raid tiers.


It's so ridiculously useful because of the set bonuses which provides spell strike and frozen shadow weave gear. There's also a drastic wow classic class meta change.


  • 6. Class Meta Change 

Warriors and rogues are no longer the top dungeon dps in classic tbc in instead of a top space is taken by hunters and warlocks. WoW becomes a viable support specs with really fun play styles, so I definitely encourage you to try out those specs, because they're really good to play. Bear in mind that if you're going to roll into tbc classic as a rogue or warrior, it may be difficult for you to get a raid spot, especially as warriors and rogues so ridiculously overpopulated in classic tbc. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.


7. Stack Hit Gear from Quest Rewards

My advice is to stack hit and spell hit gear, so you can actually get really good spell hit and hit gear from basic quest rewards while leveling, which will give you a fat stat: chunk of spell hits which is going to be extremely useful when you jump into raiding, especially if you decided to re-roll your class for classic tbc, and you don't have any good raid gear with hit gear on it.


Obviously the gear massively increases your dps because if you don't have enough hit chance, you won't even be able to fully benefit from all the other stats, like haste and crit. The warlock requirement is a really hefty 202 spell hit points, so it's definitely you need to pick it, stacking hit gear as a warlock, because it's very difficult to get that cap before you jump into karazhan. Honestly most warlocks don't do it because they don't keep spell hit gear from quest rewards just a bonus tip you can go for two really useful spell hit trinkets.


8. Learn your pre-raid Bis Gear

Start to get to know what your actual pre-raid best in slot (Bis) gear is because some pre-raid best in slot gear could be basic greens that you get from quest rewards. It's more likely to be blue gear that you get from group quests, but nonetheless, you need to be mindful of it, because you could be intending to roll a resto druid in tbc but obviously leveling in feral spec is better, so you're mindlessly just getting like the best agility gear and attack power gear but those crash quest rewards that you missed could have been your pre-raid best in slot gear for a resto druid, so definitely be mindful of that.


9. Early Weapon Enchants

I want to make about how to get powerful weapon and chance earlier. There are obviously some really powerful weapon enchants about drop from karazhan bosses, like mongoose and soulfrost things, they have a hefty requirement of 12 avoid crystals so that's 12 pieces of epic gear but you have to disenchant, so you're gonna have to wait until 12 epic pieces of gear drop from a particular raid. Obviously it's going to be difficult, unless you're your guild's designated disenchanter, it's just going to take you ages to get these powerful weapon and chance for yourself, because you have to wait for these recipes to actually drop in the first place, but luckily there's actually something very easily you can do. I definitely recommend working with people in the guild to do this, because you can disenchant soulcloth shoulders to get really easy void crystals, and you don't just have to use this particular recipe. All of the soulcloth gear is extremely cheap to make and was basically the cheapest epic piece of gear that I've found so far that you can make.


  • 10. Pick Best Shat Faction

Lastly we have the point of picking the correct shattered reflection. Obviously I'm talking about the Aldor of Scryers. It is range spell casters should go scribes because of a spell hit gem the spell damage ring and the spell damage tailing recipe. Although you can buy feral druids that will also go for scribes for the hit chance legs, and then everyone else pretty much just goes outdoor, because tanks will definitely need a chest item. It provides so much defense rating gets you to that avoidance cap much faster, and then overall the shorter enchants are better for most classes on the aldor side. I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't really pick the outdoor overscries for their actual gear items, because they'll look at their own really good classic wild raiding gear and decide well the gear isn't that much of an improvement for the game. I've already got, so I may as well go for the long term and just pick the faction based on the best shoulder enchant for my class.



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